WPF Architecture




Presentation Frame Work

This includes the complete WPF class library and standard controls like buttons, menus, panels Etc.

11The developers of WPF will work with this layer only


Presentation core

This includes all the base types of VI elements visual elements like windows shapes, controls etc from which all the control classes are derived


Common language Run time

The presentation core will interact with CWR and CWR will provide managed code execution environment for all WPF


Mil core

In mil core nil stands for media integration layer. Mil core performs the rendering in WPF

11Mil core composition engine will translate all the visual elements in to Direct X and 3D understand base form.


Direct X

This is a low level API using which all the graphics in WPF are rendered


 User 32

It is used to determine the program real store though it is involved in WPF it does not play any role in rendering of the controls.

11Its purpose is to understand the state of the program and to transfer to the kernel of O.S.



11This is the lower most level where operating System graphics drivers all are included so that os can execute the complete animation graphics etc

11Mil core DirectX user 32 will work with unmanaged code