API Testing Interview Questions

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API Testing Interview Questions

Q1) What's API checking out?

Ans: API (Utility Programming Interface) determines how some software components have to interact with others, and connect with others, as it were it's hard and fast of functions and tactics that let in the creation of programs which get right of entry to the highlights or information of an application or working device. testing of those capabilities is known as API trying out.

Q2) What are API testing tools?

Ans: The gear used for diverse API trying out are

  • SoapUI seasoned
  • LoadUI seasoned
  • Alert site API monitoring

Q3) Give an explanation for in brief the exceptional sorts of output determined by an API.

Ans: API is taken into consideration as the critical connecting part of this virtual global. It basically resides in the business logic layer in which it performs capabilities like processing commands, application coordination, initiating logical decisions, and so on.

The main attention is returning correct effects beneath any type of situation. especially, the output or consequences located of an API are divided into 3 sections as follows:

Returning the end result reputation values as ‘skip’ or ‘Fail’.

Result as statistics or any particular records.

An event wherein the decision to any API characteristic will initiate the call to another API feature.

Q4) What is the equipment used for API take a look at automation.

Ans: Automation trying out is a have-to while we speak about agile improvement in API checking out. however, the language wherein the code is written is also a vital thing because it makes a decision the tool language.

let us see some important APIs take a look at automation tools:

SOAPUI: it's far an open-source API testing tool that's taken into consideration because of the pleasant checking out device due to its feature like growing complex validation scripts and check instances, efficient check insurance, etc.

HP QTP/UFT: this is now referred to as HP UFT i.e. unified practical trying out. This device is essentially used for systems without consumer interfaces like internet offerings, and many others.

PARASOFT: This testing device runs on diverse platforms and is used to test API which does not have a Graphical user interface (GUI).

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Q5) Enlist some of the API examples which can be very widely recognized and famous.

Ans: There are numerous such examples, enlisted underneath are a few maximum famous ones:

Google Maps API:

These are designed in particular for mobile and laptop use with the assistance of Flash interface and JavaScript.

Amazon Advertising API:

Amazon is thought for their products and as a result, their advertising and marketing API accesses their product to find out their functionality and for that reason put it up for sale hence.


The API for Twitter is usually in classes, one for accessing records and the opposite for interacting with Twitter Seek.


This API used for YouTube includes various functionalities together with films, live streaming, player, etc.

Q6) What's TestApi?

Ans: TestApi is known as the library of test building blocks which are vital for builders and testers for creating and trying out equipment as well as computerized check suites.

Q7) What is the API test condition?

Ans: Setting up a test situation of API is a mind-boggling technique where the configuration of the server and database is done according to the necessity of the software application. Graphical UI (GUI) isn't accessible in this type of testing.

After installation, API is checked for its proper functioning. In this procedure starting condition that conjures API is set up with a characterized set of parameters so test results can be analyzed.

Q8) What are the most used templates for API documentation?


  • Slate
  • FlatDoc
  • Swagger
  • API blueprint
  • RestDoc
  • Miredot
  • Web service API Specification

Q9) What is the difference between API testing and Unit testing?


API Testing Unit Testing
API testing is performed by the analyzers for an end to end testing of the functionality. Unit testing is generally performed by analyzers where each functionality is tried separately.
As they have a more extensive extent of testing, all issues that are utilitarian are considered for testing. As they have a constrained extent of testing, hence fundamental functionalities are considered for testing
It is a type of discovery testing. It is a type of white box testing.
API testing is performed after the manufacturer is prepared for testing. Usually, unit testing is done before the code is incorporated into the build.
The Source code is associated with this type of testing. The source code isn't associated with this type of testing.

Q10) How is UI-level testing not the same as API testing?

Ans: The primary thought of the UI (User Interface) level testing is to test the graphical interface part of the application including the highlights like text style, format, and so forth.

Though the fundamental thought of the API testing is setting up a correspondence between various programming frameworks and it principally lives in the business rationale layer. It never focuses on the look of the application.

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