Apache Kafka Interview Questions And Answers

Apache Kafka Interview Questions And Answers

Which are the elements of Kafka?

The most important elements of Kafka:

  • Topic – It is the bunch of similar kind of messages
  • Producer – using this one can issue communications to the topic
  • Consumer – it endures to a variety of topics and takes data from brokers.
  • Brokers – this is the place where the issued messages are stored

Why do you think the replications are dangerous in Kafka?

Duplication assures that issued messages which are available are absorbed in the case of any appliance mistake, plan fault or recurrent software promotions.

What major role a Kafka Producer API plays?

It is responsible for covering the two producers- kafka.producer.SyncProducer and the kafka.producer.async.AsyncProducer. The main aim is to disclose all the producer performance through a single API to the clients.

Why is Kafka technology significant to use?

Kafka being distributed publish-subscribe system has the advantages as below.Fast: Kafka comprises of a broker and a single broker can serve thousands of clients by handling megabytes of reads and writes per second.Scalable: facts are partitioned and streamlined over a cluster of machines to enable large informationDurable: Messages are persistent and is replicated in the cluster to prevent record loss Distributed by Design: It provides fault tolerance guarantees and robust.