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21st September, 2018




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  • It is a reusable concept.
  • Invoke using for
  1. call concrete WSDL
  2. call adapters
  • File adapters
  • DB adapters
  • FTP adapters
  • JMS adapters
  • Oracle BAM adapters
  • Oracle Application adapters
  • SAP / TIBCO adapters(3rd party adapters)

  For – each:

  • Read file/ records one by one based on polling frequency
  • Root node 2 right click2 Add XSL node 2 for – each

  File Read/Poll: 8 Interview Question: whenever you take an adapter each adapter creates

  1. .jca (java connecting architecture)
  2. .WSDL

File Adapters:

10g 11g
  1. Read/poll
  1. Write
  1. synchronous Read
Synchronous Read, list files


Aspired to become an Oracle SOA Developer? Explore the post to discover the know-hows on
 Oracle SOA 11g.

File poll/read to file write: (empty BPEL process)   9   File poll                       These 3 operations we are taking “empty ”BPEL process DB poll JMS consume Note: Empty BPEL process “Receive activity” Create instance -> only for input receive activity.   file read:

  • polling frequency
  • XSD [Native format]
  • input file path(physical)
  • Delete files after successfully retrieval

  File write:

  • Sample XSD(which format display output file)
  • Outgoing files path/logical name
  • File naming conversion

  Assign: Input file 2 invoke input   Synchronous Read: Only once it read in between process.

  • In between process means -> Between receive and reply activities
  • It will poll only one file(It contain multiple records)


Sync Read

  Syncredd- fle write:   10     Assign: Invoke input variable Transform: Invoke1  - invoke2  

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Case1: Static file name input: Synchronous read: 6 -8 2File name(sample.txt) (or)*.txt   Case2: Dynamic file name input: Synchronous read: 6 – 8 2 file name (dummy file name) wxyz.txt Invoke 1: Double click 2properties

Name Value Type
Jca.file.filename value input

  Testing (EM) Input: any string data .txt Invoke 2: Double click 2properties

Name Value Type
Jca.file. file name Input variable/payload/filename client:process/client:input input

  Testing (EM) Input:sample.txt Note: *.* *  2It takes any name /file .  2 .txt, .xml,.doc *2  Any extension .xml, .doc, .txt, .xsd For an Indepth knowledge on Oracle SOA click on:


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