14) Partition:

Deploy the project in our partition instead of a definition

HTTP:// localhost : 7001/EM  login  SOA[expand]  [SOA_infra  right click]  [manage partitions  click]  [create  click]  [name / SOA_Ramesh 1]  create

Note: If we write the primary key at the time of table creation then it will not ask at the time of adapter creation.

(1) Trigger: file read / plots [adapters]

(2) Logical Name: file writes [adapters]

15) --:7001/EM: [Instance completed]

SOA_infra (SOA_server1)  click  [SOA_infra structures]  [SOA Administration]  [Common properties]  Audit level (development)  Apply  yes

  1. New “Database (DB)” creation:

View  Resource palette  Right side shows  New connection  Data base  [connection / DB_RAMESH], [user name / system], [password / welcome1], Test connection - ok

  1. New “Application server” creation:

View  [application server navigator / resource palette]  right side shows  new connection  application server  [connection name / App_server_Ramesh1]  next  [password/welcome1]  next  [web logic domain / base_domain]  next  [Test connection / success]  next  finish.

  1. Create “New Application” & “Project”:

Application  click  new  [application name/ application_ramesh (1, 2, 3)], [Application Template / SOA Application]  next  [project name / add2 numbers]  next  composite with BPEL process 2 finish.

BPEL Process:

Name / BPEL process1], [name space / http://Tcs.com/Application1/add2number/BPEL process1], [Template / synchronous] --> ok

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Templates (11g):

  • Synchronous BPEL process
  • Asynchronous BPEL process
  • One way BPEL process
  • Define service later (empty composite)
  • Base on a WSDL
  • Subscribe to event

Template (10g):

  • Synchronous BPEL process
  • Asynchronous BPEL process
  • Empty BPEL process

SOA 11g components:

  • Empty composite
  • Composite with BPEL process
  • Composite business rupees
  • Composite mediator
  • Composite human task
  • Composite Oracle BPA blue point

Oracle SOA Interview Questions

DB Adapter:

Operation Type [10g/11g]:

  • Call a stored procedure or function
  • Perform an operation on a table

Insert or update (merge)

Insert only (write)

Update only



Query by example

  • Poll for new or changed records in a table
  • Execute pure SQL.

DB Adapter configuration


10 g11g

  1. Connection pool(Soademo cp)

 Data source(JDBC.DS)(Note: Connection pool is default )

  1. Data Source(JDBC.Soa demo DS)

Connection factory(eis/DB/Ramesh 1)-> SOA(eis.DB.Ramesh1)-> SOA /OSB

  1. Connection Factory(eis.DB.soa demo CF)



Database full information:

C: //Oracle exe/app/Oracle/product/10.2.0/servers/network/ADMIN/tnsnames

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