Installation steps:

  1. Data base [10g/11g]

  • Increase data base performance

  1. Run 11g[MDS, Dehydration tables]
  2. J-developers /web logic 11g

  • Jre – 64 bit/JDk -32 bit

  1. SOA generic 11g/OSB generic 11g
  2. Domain creation
  3. Mds update
  4. start web logic and SOA servers
  5. update j- developers
  6. J- developers –(Source code numbers
  7. create boot file(user name, password)
  8. start managed server with the help of console
  9. servers desktop shortcuts
  10. Table creation
  11. partition(-:7001/EM)
  12. -: 7001/Em (instance completed)


DB Installation:

  • password = welcome 1
  • Re- enter password = welcome1
  • Increase data base performance:
  • All programs –Oracle Data base 10g expression edtion    2

Run SQl command line 2

SQL > Connect sys/welcome1 xe as sysdba;

SQL> alter system reset session scope =spfile  sid =’*’;

SQL> alter system set process = 500 scope =spfile;

SQL > Shutdown immediate;   2


  • All programs -> Oracle data base 10g express edition 2start data base 2exit

  • All programs -> oracle data base 10g express edition 2 Run SQL command line  2


SQL > Connect sys /welcome Xe as sys dba;

SQL> show parameter session;

SQL> show parameter process;

SQL> exit;

RCU – Installation:

  • ofm –rcu –wn -> rcu Home2 BIN -2rcu 2 double click2 next  2

Create2next 2 service name(Xe[DRCL]),Host name(local host),port (1521),username (sys),password(welcome1)2next2 ignore 2 ok  2

create a new prefx (dev)   2 SOA and BPM infra structure  2 next 2ok  2

next2 ok    2 pass word (welcome1),conform password(welcome1)2next 2next 2ok 2ok 2 create 2 close

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3) J – Developer:

  • J develop studio 11115 install2Double click next

Create a new middleware home  next  next  next

“All users” start menu  next  next  100%  done

  • Install JRE:

64 bit  JRE

32 bit  JDK


4) $oa Installation:

Ofm – soa – generic  Disk 1  [set up  yes]  paste URL        next  next (skip software updates)  next  next [web logic server  next]  install  100%  next  finish

C: programfiles/java/jre6  64 bit

C: Oracle/middleware_24/jdk 160  32 bit


5) Domain creation:

All programs  oracle (SOA 11g – Home 1)  configuration App server – click  create a new web logic domain  next

select (4)        Oracle SOA suite Oracle_SOA1)

Automatically:       Oracle WSM         created


(5)        Oracle Enterprise manager

(6)        Oracle Business Activity monitoring

next  next  name (web logic), password (welcome1), confirm password (welcome1)  next  available JDK‘s, next

BAM schema                                     (schema password / welcome 1),

SOA Infrastructure                          (DBMS\server / XE [ORCL]),

User message                                   (Host name / local host),

OWSM MDS                                       (port / 1521)

SOA MDS             next  next  next  create  100%  done


6) Mds Update:

URL – (1)

C: Oracle\middleware\Oracle_common\reu\integration\mds\sq1

URL – (2)

C: Oracle\app\Oracle\product\10.2.0\server\bin

All programs  cmd  C: \> cd paste URL – (1)         then it shows  C: \> Oracle\middleware\Oracle_common\rcu\integration\mds\sql>  Beside above URL, paste URL –(2) & type  sql\plus.exe  Dev_mds/welcome1@XE   then it shows  C: \> Oracle\middleware\Oracle_common\rcu\integration\mds\sql> C:\Oracle\app\Oracle\product\10.2.0\server\bin\sqlplus.exe Dev_mds/welcome1@XE                      SQL > @upgmds.sql        Exit


7) Start web logic & SQL server:

Run  cmd

C: Oracle/middleware/user_projects/domain/base_domains/start web logic.cmd

C: Oracle/middleware/user_projects/domain/base_domains/start managed web logic SOQ_server1


8) Update J – developer:

J developer  help  check for updates  next

Install from local file   [D: \SOA\SOA11g\SOQ-j (j developer zip file) Browse]  next  finish.


Note: Unable to connect to the internet to check for updates.  Cancel


9) Add source code number to J developer:

J developer  tools  preferences  click   [code editor  expand]  [line gutter  select]  show line numbers  ok

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10) Create boot file:

It’s automatically takes username and password

C: \ Oracle\middleware\user_project1\domains\base_domains\server\soa_server1

Create one folder security inside SOA_server 1

Create one text file inside security folder

Open text file & write username = web logic, password = welcome1

Save as  [file name/], [save as type / all file]  save

Delete dummy text file (ok)


11) Start managed server with the help of console:

C: Oracle\middleware\ wlserver_10.3\server\bin\start nodemc naget

Double click   [port 5556]  it means running mode.

Console(7001/console)  expand environment  server – click   soa_server 1- click

Control  start  it will not start

Oracle\middleware\w1server\common\node file  open

It file last shown  start script enable = false X   [change property]

Start script enable = true _/


12) Server desktop shortcuts: (.bat)


C: / Oracle/middleware/user_projects/domains/base_domains/start web logic cmd

  • Copy above path and write into the text file.
  • Save as “web logic.bat”, all files.





13) Table creation:

  • J – Developer tools  data base  SQL worksheet  [connection/DB_RAMESH]  ok
  • Create table employees (empid numbers(20), empname varchar2(20), empsal number(20), emplocation varchar2(20));

Insert into employees values (101, ‘Ram’, 100000,’Hyd’);

Insert into employees values (102, ‘Sai’, 200000,’Hyd’);

Insert into employees values (103, ‘Teja’, 300000,’Hyd’);


  • Select * from employees;
  • Select * from tab;

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