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Working with Microsoft Agent Control in

Working with Microsoft Agent Control:

  • Microsoft agent characters files will have .acs as its extension (characters in search option (dog (Rover), Merlen 9man), . . . . .)
  • Agent characters will have individual capabilities based on the Agent Character File


Rclick on Tool Box and select Add tab

Name: COM components

Rclick on COM components tab (In opened Window) under this

Check    Microsoft agent Control2.0 Untitled OK

Drag & drop Agent Control on the Form.

Drag & drop ListBoxControl beside Agent Control




Double click on Form_Load


AxAgent1.Characters.Load (“Merlin”, “C: \Windows\msagent\chars\                                                                                                              merlin.acs”)

AxAgent1.Characters (“Merlin”).Show ()

For each an as String in    {To list out animations on}

AxAgent1.characters (“Merlin”).Animation Names


AxAgent1.Characters (“Merlin”).Play (ListBox1.SelectedItem)


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