Working With Layouts

11Layouts are used to display all the controls on the window in a required form

11Layout will help us to keep the controls with same size though parent control size changes or screen resolution changes

11Also layouts will help us to scale the size of the controls a/c to parent control size or a/c to screen resolution


Canvas Layout control

Canvas Layout is the fixed layout and the controls placed in canvas layout will not increase or decrease their size when parent control size changes.





Example  With Canvas Controls



Create a new window with the name canvas layout

Crete canvas on window

Design the canvas

Create two buttons outside the canvas with the names b/n LTOR and btn RTOL respectively

Write the following code

Private void btn LTOR – click (object sender, Ronted Even Args e)


Canvas 1 Flow direction  = flow direction. Left to right;


Private void btn RTOL_click()

{canvas1. Flow Direction= flow direction. Right To left;


When you run the form observe the controls by increasing or decreasing the size of the window, the controls placed with the canvas will not increase or decrease their size but the controls outside canvas will increase or decrease their sizes a/c to size of the control


Stock Panel

Stack panel layout is used to display the elements in the form of stack we can display the elements in vertical stack form or horizontal stack form






When set to

Vertical :  The controls will be displayed or arranged in vertical stack from when set to


Horizontal:   The controls will be organized in horizontal stack form