Working with Grid layout In WCF

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Working with Grid layout

11This control is used to arrange the controls in the form of grid. In general when elements are pieced with on the grid the elements (control) sizes will be scaled to the window size (a/c to window size ) automatically  i.e if we increase / decrease the size of the window the control sizes will increase / decrease accordingly properties with grid layout 11Column definition 11Row definitions  

Column Definition:-

11This property is used to store the columns of the Grid control 11This property is a collection property  

Row definition

This is a collection  property used to store all the rows within the Grid control   Example With Grid Control Screenshot_9     Create a new window


Create a new grid within the window


Divide the grid into no.of rows & columns


Select grid control




go to column definition properly


Click on ellipse is button


Click on add button for 5 tines (5 column & create ) Click on ok     11   go to row definition property


click on ellipse is button


click on add for 4 tims (This creates 4 rows)


To create the controls


<Grid Name = “Grids”> <Grid Row Definition> <Row definitions/> <Row Definitions/> <Row Definitions/> <Row Definitions/> </Grid Row Definitions> <Grid column Definition> <column Definition/> <column Definitions/> <column Definitions/> <column Definition/> </Grid.column Definition/> <Text  Box Name = “TI” Grid. Column = “0” Grid.Row=”0” properties Grid/column span = “5%> <button name = “bin 9” Grid.column = “0” Grid.Row=%> 9 </Button> <Button name = “bin 8” Grid. Column =”0” Grid.Row = “/”>8 </Bitton> <button Name= “bin menus” Grid – Column = “3” Grid.Row=”/”> - </button> <button Name = “binmultiply”   “4” Grid.Row = “/”> - * </Button> <Button Name = “bin4” Grid.column = “0” Grid Row “2”> 4 </button> <button Name = “bin5” Grid.column = “1” Grid.Row = “2”> 5 </button> <button Name = “bin6” Grid.column = “2” Grid. Rows = “2” 6 </button> <Button Name = “bin plos” Grid.column = “3” Grid.Row = “2” + </button> <Button Name = “bin divide” Grid. Columns = “4” Grid. Row = “2”>≠</button> <button Name=”bin3” Grid. Column = “0” Grid.Row=”3”> 3 >/Button> <button Name=”bin2” Grid. Column = “1” Grid. Row = “3”> 2 </button> <Button Name=”bin1” Grid. Column=”2” Grid.Row=”3”> 1</Button> <Button name=”bin0” Grid. Column = “3” Grid.Row=”1”>0</Button> <Button name = “bin equal” grid.columns=”4” Grid.Row=”3”  (page No.28 last line not printed)  

Media Control

These controls are used to work with images audio files, video files etc  

Media element control:

This control is used to play video/audio files within WPf application. It is flexible to work with media elements because this control will provide a various properties and methods which will allow to customize media plays  


Loaded Behavior

This property is used to set a value for the startup of video / audio file Screenshot_10

Unloaded behavior

This property is used to set get the value when file 1 window is unloaded. Screenshot_11    

Natural Duration

This is read only property gets the complete duration of video / audio file 11Data type of this property in duration which is a structure  


Used to set 1 get the video/audio to be played from required position  

Speed Ration

Used to set/get the required speed ratio out is to increase / decrease the play speed  


Used to set/get the required volume to the video / audio file that is to be played  


used  to set / get the video/audio file path that is to be played within the Media elements 11Data type of this property is RUI controls which is a class  

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