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21st September, 2018




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Working with HTML forms in MVC

2To work with HTML forms in MVC we use begin form () and end form () in HTML helper classes  5    2Go to home folder in view


Create a new page with the name sample2


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Go to source part Write the following code to create the design of the form <body> <div> <h1>welcome to satya technologies</h1> <%HTML.begin form();%> <%=HTML.label(“enter user name”)%> <%=HTML.text box(“T1”)%></br> <button id=”B1” type =”submit”>submit</button> <%HTML.end form();%> Go to home control.cs write the following code for create an action method for sample2 Public action result sample2() { Return view (); } Go to global.asax change action name to sample2 and sum the application and check

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