WMI (windows Management Instrumentation) Data reader task

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21st September, 2018




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WMI  Data reader task

It is used to read the Data about a system using WMI Query language   Steps to Configure WMI Data reader task Open Business Intelligence Development studio      -----------> Create a new package and Rename it as WMI Data reader task .dtsx      -----------> In control How drag and drop WMI data reader task      -----------> Double click on it to configure and set WMI Connection  -- New Connection      -----------> Check Windows authentication check box      -----------> Click text to evaluate the connection      -----------> Click ok WQL Query source Type – Direct input default WQL Query source          -- Select name, star Mode form Win 32 – Service Destination Type                              -- File connection (default) Destination                                         -- New connection      -----------> Create File      -----------> Click Browse      -----------> Provide file name as WIN 32 – service details .csv      -----------> Click open      -----------> Click Ok

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  Example WMI queries: Below query used to display the installed soft wares list from Microsoft Manufacturer Select * from Win 32  -- Pn P entity, where Manufacturer = Microsoft   Deployed project (SSIS) to integration services server: In BIDS select “project Menu” and select properties (last option)      -----------> Select deployment utility and set create deployment utility – true deployment output path   -- bin / deployment           -----------> In solution explorer select project and right click      -----------> Select Rebuild      -----------> Open windows Explorer and navigate to the project go to bin folder and go to deployment folder, select integration services deployment manifest file with name as project [Morning 8:30]      -----------> Select Manifest file and right click and select deployee      -----------> In welcome to the package installation wizard      -----------> Click next      -----------> Check file system deployment radio button and also check validate packages after installation check box      ----------->

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Click next      -----------> Click next      -----------> Click next      -----------> Click finish      -----------> Open SSMS   Connect to integration services Expand stored packages and also expand file system you would observe that the morning 8:30 project deployed to server. For an Indepth knowledge on MSBI click on:

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