Difference between View engine & Razor view engine

View engine :-

2A view engine is the part of the asp.net mvc

2Which is used to execute the code by programming any kind of rendering is required and delivering to client.

2net mvc supports following view engine

  1. Web form view engine
  2. Razor
  3. Bellevue
  4. Brail
  5. Hasic (Support VB .net only)
  6. N Django
  7. N Haml
  8. N Velocity view engine (MVC Contrib)
  9. Sharptiles
  10. Spark view engine
  11. String template. View Engine MVC
  12. Wing Beates
  13. XSLT view engine

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Razor view Engine :- 

2Razor view engine is not a programming language and it will work with C# and VB.net languages.

2Razor is an asp.net programming syntax. used to create  dynamic  web pages . with the help  of  C# and VB. Net

2the first version of Razor  is released Jan 2011 along with ASP.net mvc 3 version.

  • We can Razor syntax using ‘@’symbol instead on <% = %> class.
  • This @ symbol technical name is ‘verbatim’

Design Goals Razor:-

  1. Compact, Expressive, fluid   :-

2 That is takes less memory as compares with web form view engine.

2We can see more output by writing less of code then also

2Any asp.net programmer can learn the razor syntax with team effort.

2It is not a separate language   rather it will work with C# and VB

          Work with Any Text Editor:-

           Has great Intelligence:-

When working with visual studio .net or visual web matrix we get all the features

         Unit testable :-

Most flexible and easy for TDO .

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