User Defined Attributes (UDA):

UDAs are also used to define characteristics of some other members. UDA s are mainly used to group related items together. The main advantage of UDA is that it can be associated to either dense or space dimensions.

Attribute dimensions give more flexibility over UDA, because, Attributes have in-built functions, sun, min, max, count, and average, etc. We have to write calculation scripts, or we have to create run-time calculations in any reporting tool.

To create UDA manually, write click on any member and click edit member properties, Click UDA tab. Enter a UDA name next to the ASSIGN text box and click assign. Click ok.

Note: To remove UDA s completely from the outline, un-assign all UDA s and save the outline. Re-open the cutline, and all the UDA s will be removed.

INDIA       SI     AP             SMALL

INDIA       SI     TN             MEDIUM

INDIA       NI     UP             LARGE

INDIA       NI     DELHI       MEDIUM

  • Open data prep editor. Click file-> open data file. (or Click file-> open SQL and enter the select statement)
  • Map the first column to Gen 2 for geography and second column to Gen 3, Third column to Gen 4, and for the final column, select field type as UDA.
  • Click Options, Dimension build settings, Dimension build settings. Select “Allow property changes” checkbox also select “Allow UDA changes” to allow for only UDA changes in the outline.