SET UPDATECALC OFF in Hyperion EssBase

21 September, 2018


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When we use the above command in calculation script , this command effects only that portion of the database . when we write the above command in CFG file, entire database will get affected or all databases under the server will get affected .

  • When we do full calculation , all the blocks will become clean.
  • We can use the below command SET UPDATECALC ON; to the i8ntelligent calculation on

The situation that need intelligent calculation turned off are

  • After calculating the database, if we modify consolidation will be need to turn the intelligent calculation turned off and recalculate the parent member .
  • After calculating the database ,if we modify the formula we need the intelligent calculating turn off and recalculate the parent member
  • If we set any time balance properties, after calculating the DB



“PROFIT%”; CLEARBLOCK CLEARBLOCK ALL UPPER   NON INPUT Clears blocks of data and select the missing. If all the cells in the block are missing then it remove the block also . CLEAR BLOCK ALL:clears all data blocks CLEARBLOCK UPPPER :clear all upper level blocks (the blocks are calculated ) also clears data if we enter data in the path parent member combinations. CLEARBLOCK NON INPUT:clear all data derived from calculations . if we entet data in parent member combinations, that data will be not cleared . EXCEL spread sheet add-in: Using excel spread sheet add – in we can connect to Essbase data base.

  • Click Essbase ->retrieve , enter server name, user name and password . the dimensions appear in row and column . we can keep or remove some dimensions . we can drill down and drill up on some members
  • Using excel add- in , we can write data back to the database to do this we have to lock the required cells, modify the data and send the data unlock the cells after sending the data. click retrieve again to see the data from database .
  • Using Excel add- in , we can calculate the Essbase database also .


Linked reporting objects(LRO):-

LRO are special kind of objects that can be attached to any data cell . we can create LROs from excel add –in or hyperion analyzer , we may another window , where we select attachment type, there are three types available.

  • cell note 2)file 3)URL

Users have click view/launch button to see the attachments . these objects are stored on analytical server, under database folder .


LRO scan be edited through EAS console or through Excel add or hyperoin analyzer.  


analytic services has its own security system or we can use external authentication like LDAP and NTLM. To implement security, we can create users, groups and grant various levels of permission users to groups at database level of application level  


2 TYPES of users are available . those are

  • Supervisor : has all rights to all applications and database on the server .
  • USER: this type is default . we have to grant permission at application level or at database level . apart from this u have to more options users can create applications/delete applications users can also create/delete other users group . users with create /delete applications ,can create a new application or delete existing application . user with create/delete users or groups can create other users groups.

TO Create user: double click on security and double on users . click new button enter user name and password. Select then user type . click group tab and associate a group to the user . Click app/db . select the application level permissions and if needed select the database level permissions Application level permission : the default access level at applications level none . two more permissions are available , those are

  • access database
  • application designer

application designer all rights are on all databases under that particular applications . when we select all databases , we needed to give permission at database level.

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