Types of applications that can be developed using VB.Net

17 October, 2020


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Types of applications that can be developed using VB.Net:

  • Console applications
  • Windows forms applications
  • Class library
  • Windows control library
  • Windows services
  • Net website
  • Net web services
  • WCF services
  • Silver light applications
  • Workflow applications

 Console applications:

Whenever an application accepts the input from console and projects the output on the console then such type of applications are called console applications. Where console is a device which has the capability to accept the information and also to display the data  

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Structure of VB.Net console application:

1st method [default]:

Comments . . . . .

Imports statements . . . .

Module Module name

Sub main ( )

Statement(s) to execute . . . .

End sub

End module

2nd method:


Imports statements   . . . .

Class   Class name

[Public] shared sub main ( )

Statement(s) . . . . .

End sub

End class

Note: VB.Net is not the case-sensitive language but it is line sensitive language.

  Console applications  

System: It is the root namespace for any .Net application Where a namespace can be considered as a collection of classes in a hierarchy such that the class definitions can be accessed easily  

Console: It is a class that provides members to project the data and to accept the data.  

Write: It is a method to project data on console.  

Write Line: It is a method used to project data by appending a newline character at the end of information.  

Read: It is used to accept angle character.  

Read Line: It is used to read a single line of information i.e. accept the characters until the users press the enter key.  

Developing a console application using VS.Net (visual studio .Net):

  Console application  


My first VB .Net program

Imports system

Module first program

Sub main ( )

Console.WriteLine (“Welcome to VB.Net”)

End sub

End module

Untitled To execute console application


After selection press ctrl + F5

Untitled To add a new program to the console application [already existing]


Imports system

Class VB Intro

Public shared sub main ( )

Console.WriteLine (“VB.Net is very easy to learn yet a powerful language”)

End sub

End class

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