Type Casting in C# .Net

13 October, 2020


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Type Casting in C# .Net

Typecasting is a concept of converting from one data type into another data type. C# supports two types of typecasting

a) Implicit type casting under control of CLR Lower to higher

b) Explicit type casting under the control of programmer higher to lower


Byte to long arrrowimplicit

Int to bytearrrow Explicit

Int to float arrrowimplicit

Float to int arrrowexplicit  

C # supports 4 types of Explicit type casting technique

C ++ style of typecasting Converting Boxing and unboxing Parsing



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Working with C++ style of typecasting


int I = 10;

Byte b =  (byte)  I;


DT1   V1 = value;

DT2 V2 =  (DT2) V1;  

Example of C++ Style of typecasting

Open console application project

Write the following code in the main method

Int  I = 150;

Byte Sal =  (byte) I;

Console. Write Line  (Sal);

Console. Read Line ();

Execute the project (f5)  à 150


In the C++ style of typecasting, there is a possibility of loading the data.


Convert is a predefined class, which is the part of F

Working with convert class is called as “Converting”

The class contains a set of methods.

Predefined methods on convert class

String x = 123

Byte b = convert. To Byte (X);

Convert. To Byte (value)

Convert. To char (value)

Convert. To string (value)

Convert. To Boolean (value)

Convert. To Float (value)

* * * *

Convert. To INT 16()…………….. for short

Convert. To INT 32()…………….. for int

Convert. To INT 46()…………….. for long

Example of converting

Open Console application project

Write the following code in the main method  

Class Program


Static void main  (string [] args)


For (int I = 0;I < = 255; I ++)


Char  c = Convert. To char (i);

Console. write (c);


Console . Read line ();




Working with Boxing and Un-Boxing  



  Boxing is a concept of converting value type in to reference types.

UnBoxing is a concept of converting reference type in to value types.

Note: Console application is specially designed for a character-based operating system like DOS

As of now, CLR software is not yet introduced for DOS OS, hence console Applications are not Executable in DOS OS.

Console Application contains only LOGIC. but not GUI

In order to develop GUI, Applications Microsoft introduced the “Windows forms application” template.  

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