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OSB Tutorial

Welcome to the free tutorials of OSB. The objective of these tutorials is to understand the Basics of Weblogic Application Server), Creating SOA Domain, Installing Jdeveloper, SOA Composite, and BPM Editor. In addition to OSB tutorials, we will cover OSB interview questions, HowTo,s, and issues of OSB.

OSB Introduction

Oracle Service Bus is a market-leading enterprise service bus built from the ground up for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) life cycle management. It provides foundation capabilities for service discovery and intermediation, rapid service provisioning and deployment, and governance. This service-infrastructure software adheres to the SOA principles of building coarse-grained, loosely coupled, and standards-based services, creating a neutral container in which business functions may connect service consumers and back-end business services, regardless of the underlying infrastructure.

Oracle Service Bus Intermediary

The Oracle Service Bus design-time tooling lets you configure a proxy service to suit your needs and to manage Web services by controlling the service and policy configurations and by the monitoring system and operations tasks. Oracle Service Bus relies on Oracle WebLogic Server run-time features.

OSB Tutorial

  • What is OSB how it is related to SOA?

The Oracle Service Bus (OSB) is part of the Oracle SOA Suite 11g and stands in the center of modern process- and integration-solutions. The lightweight, stateless, and high-performant architecture of the OSB turns it into an excellent tool for doing transformation and routing of messages.

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  • What are the OSB boards?

Oriented strand board (OSB), also known as the sterling board, sterling OSB, aspenite, and smartly in British English, is an engineered wood particle board formed by adding adhesives and then compressing layers of wood strands (flakes) in specific orientations. OSB is a material with favorable mechanical properties that make it particularly suitable for load-bearing applications in construction. The most common uses are as sheathing in walls, flooring, and roof decking. For exterior wall applications, panels are available with a radiant-barrier layer pre-laminated to one side; this eases installation and increases the energy performance of the building envelope. OSB also sees some use in furniture production.

Installation of OSB

Navigate to the OSB Software folder and click on set up
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Give the JDK path and press the enter button.
Learn OSB Online With Free Tutorials
Click on the Next button

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 OSB Tutorial
Select the skip software updates radio button and click on the Next button.
OSB Tutorial
Select Oracle Middleware Home Location and click on the Next button.
OSB Tutorial
Click on the Next button.
 OSB Tutorial
Click on the Next button.
OSB Tutorial
Click on the Next button.
 OSB Tutorial
Click on the install button.
 Learn OSB Online With Free Tutorials
Installation in progress.
 OSB Tutorial
Click on the Next button.
OSB Tutorial
Click on the Finish button.
 OSB Tutorial

Proxy and Business Services

The service bus uses a proxy service as an endpoint for incoming requests. A transport layer abstracts the proxy from the transport protocol. So, the functionality of the proxy service is independent of the incoming transport protocol:

OSB Tutorial

Transformations, validation, etc. happen within the proxy service. After the transport layer, the message passes through a binding layer, which transforms the message into a canonical, logical representation. The message parts, such as payload or header, will be accessible via variables such as $body or $header. The outgoing endpoint in Oracle Service Bus is called business service. The naming is unfortunately somewhat misleading since the business service is not actually the service implementation itself: the business service is just a piece of configuration within Oracle Service Bus (but separate from a proxy service), which defines the interface and location of the service implementation.

Features of  OSB

  • Faster as it is stateless
  • Service pooling
  • Service Result caching
  • Throttling
  • Alerts (SLA and Pipeline)
  • Monitoring framework
  • REST support
  • Inbuilt variables

OSB Interview Questions

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