Synthetic Key's in Informatica

Use the sequence generator transformation in implementing slowly changing dimensions

A sequence generator transformation is created with to default output ports.

  1. Textual Curial

This transformation doesn't allow you to create new ports or edit the existing output ports.

set the following properties to generate the sequence no's

  1. start value(zero)
  2. current value (one)
  3. Increment by (one)

Update strategy transformation

This is the type an active transformation which flag the source records form insert, updata, delet and reject data driven operations.

An update strategy transformation functions as dml commands in SQL

An update strategy transformation operates on target database account.

The target table should required a primary key to update the records.

An update strategy transformation is used in implementation slowly changing dimensions.

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The informatica power center allows you to implementing an a update strategy in a two different ways.

  1. Using update strategy transformation at mapping level.
  2. Using target table properties as session level.

The conditions update strategy expression can be developed using an update strategy transformation with following constants.

DD-Insert Screenshot_240

DD - UpdateScreenshot_241

DD - DeleteScreenshot_242

DD-Reject Screenshot_243

conditional Expression



IFF (SAL> 2000,0,1)

The default update strategy expression is "DD-INSERT"

Use he following targetable properties at session level to implement an update strategy


It insert the record in the target

  1. Update as update

It updates the record in the target

  1. DELETE:-

It delete the records from the target

  1. Update as Insert:

For each update in the source it inserts a new record in the target

  1. update else insert:

It updates the  record if it exit in the target else inserts the record in the target.

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