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2nd August, 2020




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Swift Interview Questions And Answers

1. What is IOS Swift?

Ans. A new programming language that is developed by Apple Inc in June 2014 to create and develop the applications for mobiles and desktops. This language works with macOS, iOS, watchOS and also tvOS.

Swift supports various operating systems such as Free SD, Darwin, Linux and so on.

2. What are the advantages of using swift language?

Ans. Swift is one of the rapidly growing languages,  this language helps us to develop software’s that are incredibly fast, reliable, secure and robust. Swift is mostly used to develop the programmes for macOS, iPhone/ iPad(IOS)  

3. What are the applications of Swift language?


  • Open-source language
  • Very easy to learn and maintain
  • Closures
  • Supported by multiple devices
  • Supports dynamic libraries
  • Optional types

4. If there is no IOS device then how can we test Apple iPhone applications?

Ans. If we don’t have iOS then we can test those applications on simulators provided by apple on the mac system

5. List the tools that are required to develop iOS application?


  • MacMini/mac
  • Xcode
  • Apple Developer Program
  • Swift Programming Language


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