Subversion SVN Interview Questions And Answers

What is SVN? 

SVN or Subversion is an open source control system; it is used to trace all the changes made to your source code or files.

What is the function of Revert in subversion? 

Revert function will remove your local changes and reload the latest version from the repository.

What does the result codes G and R in svn indicates?

The result codes G and R in svn indicates

  • G code: Changes on the repo were automatically merged into the working copy.
  • R code: This code indicates that item has been replaced in your working copy. This means the file was programmed or scheduled for deletion, and a new file with the same name was scheduled for addition in its place.

What all things should be stored in SVN repository?

  • Source Code
  • MySQL Queries
  • Database Updates
  • Project regarding important files
  • Product Documents
  • Minutes of Metting and Imp Email

What is the best practices for SVN?

  • Work from your own local work-space
  • Commit small autonomous changes
  • Use comment
  • Validate the files you are committing, you actually changed
  • Take Update before commit to the Repo.

 How to resolve a conflicts in SVN ?

To resolve a conflict do one of three things: Merge the conflicted text by hand (by examining and editing the conflict markers within the file). Copy one of the temporary files on top of the working file. Run svn revert FILENAME to throw away all of the local changes.