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22nd September, 2018




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1. Gather Schema Statistics 1.1. To gather schema statistics we will submit a request using the requests window, System Administrator: Requests > Run 1.2. Select Gather Schema Statistics from the LOV in Name field and then on Parameters window select ALL in the Schema Name field. 93   Note: For further details of parameters click the Help (B) or for more details read about GATHER_SCHEMA_STATS. 1.3. Click OK (button). 1.4. Now schedule as per your requirements. I have scheduled it to run this request every Sunday mid night for one year.   94 1.5. On clicking OK (button) as we have selected Save this schedule the following window will appear, 95 1.6. Enter Name and Description of the schedule and press OK (button). 1.7. Now on the main window Submit the request by clicking Request (button). 1.8. Also have a look on the following requests you may submit as per your requirements 96   1.9. I had submitted a request to show the log file and next day I viewed the log file which is show below, Note: Please note the time taken on vision machine so it will vary on the size of data. For this reason I scheduled it at mid night.  

+ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ * * Starts* * 15-SEP-2006 23:55:08 * * Ends* * 16-SEP-2006 05:28:45 + ---------------------------------------------------------------------------+


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