Small Business Internet Security Tips

12 September, 2018


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When talking about security threats for small business, you need to be aware of almost numerous types of cyber attacks that exist nowadays. From malware, phishing, through XSS and SQL injection, to bugs, trojans, and viruses... The list can go on and on because hackers are working every day on something new. That is exactly why you need to be well aware of all the security threats and to know how to follow properly all the existing security tips for small business.

Think about all internet security tips you have heard of, and try to implement them in your company. Although, it may seem like cyber security tips are different for big and small businesses, it is literally the same. Hackers don't have a particular target, they just want to find a hole that will get them through to take what they need. So, the point is that you should be well aware how small business is not something hackers are not interested in. It is a big mistake to believe in that. Let's see what are the best solutions for small business!

1.What should you protect? Knowing where your information is being stored and used is the first step of defense. Once you know that, you will be able to act properly and to protect your data. Also, don't forget about the mobile devices. The stolen once are a huge problem. You need to have a proper password because once the device is lost, someone can break into your system and steal your sensitive data. Did you know that at least one mobile phone is lost in each of companies?

2.Passwords. I have already mentioned how unprotected devices can cause so much damage. The best cybersecurity for small business would definitely be to enforce strong passwords within the employees. Passwords need to be long enough and to have letters, symbols, and numbers. Use big and small letters for a better protection.

3.Cybersecurity recovery plan. You need to be well aware what to do in some situations when it seems that all is already lost. Be sure that you have identified all of your critical resources and know how to recover them. The next fact will help you to understand this better.

4.Encryption. Encryption technologies should be always implemented, especially for desktops, laptops and other removable media (for example a USB). In that case, only, you will be able to control and protect an unauthorized access.

5.Security solutions. When talking about security solutions for your small business, you need to be sure that you are using the reliable ones. The nowadays technology has raised so much that it does more than just preventing the viruses. The files can be scanned regularly if there is some unusual change in size or file. Programs that match malware can be also detected, just like spams.

6.Up to date. Why is so important to stay up to date? Do you get angry when your computer needs to upgrade something? You think it takes too much of your time? Well, rethink your beliefs. First of all, that is for your own good and the best security tip you can implement. Why is your computer upgrading all the time? It is trying to escape all the bugs that hackers may created already in the previous version of the system. So, staying up to date will protect you.

7.Educating the employees. When talking about cybersecurity for small business, it is highly important that not just one person knows what are the best solutions for small business when it comes to fighting against security threats. All of the employees need to be trained well to know how to recognize the threats. The threats mostly happen when someone from your business opens a spam email. Isn't that enough? It can ruin your whole security. It can make hackers to steal your sensitive data. Think about this tip and train your employees to be well aware of the danger, just as you will be after reading this article.

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We took a look at the most important cybersecurity tips for small business. Now, I will show you some interesting facts that people who run small business believe that are not real. Hope that you won't find yourself in these facts, but if you do, you know what should you do in the future. Or not in the future, start from now and protect your business! Let's take a look at some 'interesting' facts that people who run small business believed won't happen to them!

  • There is more than 50% of the small business who truly believe that they are not such an interesting target for hackers. We already explained to you that anyone can be a victim. You never know what they are looking for. Oh yes, we do know, they are looking for people and businesses that don't protect their sensitive data in a proper way. Think about that.
  • More than 70% of the small business companies have already been the victims of cyber attacks. Do you how much that cost those small businesses? Approximately, the annual cost was more than $190, 000! I am now sure that you will read this article over and over again until you know it by the head.
  • There are more than 40% of people that have already experienced some kind of a loss when it comes to confidential and proprietary information. You don't want to increase that score, right?
  • We talked about training and educating your employees. Are you aware that more than 70% of small businesses don't even have a security policy for their employees? That was exactly what we were talking about.
  • Rarely someone loses his or her mobile device or laptop, is that what you believe in? I will have to disappoint you by saying how there are more than 60% of small business employees that have already lost their mobile device or laptop, and not just once, but many times.

Are you going to risk all that? Now when you know what are the best solutions for small business, you don't have a justification anymore.

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