A service is a construct that exposes one/more end points with each end point exposing to one / more service operations services are logical encapsulation of self contained business functionality.

Services are not classes / not components

Difference between a service & component is services will enable to communicate among the heterogeneous applications where as components / packages will allow to communicate with in the homogeneous applications only.



WCF is designed to offer a manageable approach to distributed computing, interoperability with the support of service orientation.

WCF simplifies development of connected applications through a new service oriented programming model.

WCF includes serialization facilities that enable loose coupling & versioning and provides integration & interoperability with other services


WCF is widely used for following reasons:-

WCF can communicate using web services, interoperability with other platforms that support SOAP such as J2EE based applications.

Most efficient performance as compared with other SOA programming techniques. i.e., the applications developed using WCF will work at faster rate as compared with the applications developed in removing, web’ services, MSMQ, etc.

WCF will help to provide more reliability & security at compared with web services.

WCF provide interoperability with applications built on other technologies.

WCF will provide interoperability with all Microsoft technologies.

WCF will provide interoperability with other XML protect