What is SAP Sales & Distribution?

SAP SD is apart of logistics module, where it tracks & manages the relationship of the customer from raising the quotation for sales order & billing of product. The module is closely related & integrated to few modules of SAP PP & MM.

In Pp Sd, Fi/co, Mm of these are the highest organizational units?

Answer :

Highest organizational units of MM, SD, FI/CO, PP are:

MM: Plant.

SD: Sales Organization.

PP: Plant.

CO: Controlling Area.

FI: Company Code.

Possible way To Assign 2 Different Sales Org’s with Same Company Code?

Answer :

It is possible in assigning 2 different sales org’s for the alike company code.

What is the importance of requirement field in access sequence?

The system will not lead to access condition, the system will give reply via formula in Access Sequence.

What is sales organization?

The sales organization is organization unit that took upsells, negotiate sales & distribution products that is responsible for transactions involved with the sale.

What is the base unit in a material master?

The measurement of the base unit for all transactions, movements of quantities can be converted to the base unit of measurement which is specific to an article.

Explain about Inter-Company customers?

Inter-Company customers represent the sales customers of the same client but with different company codes.

How is the sales area useful?

In a company, it is required to process an order and it is well known as the "entity". It consists of distribution channel & sales organization with a division.

Define the use of SAP SD with SAP FI?

When You are to create an outbound goods delivery to a customer in case of standard sales. At that movement 601 comes into action. The movement of goods hit the G/L account of FI until the movement is configured in MM.

Define how can you create scheduling agreement?

Logistics → Material Management → Purchasing → Outline Agreement → Schedule Agreement → Create → Vendor.

Example: T-code - ME34D