SAP PP Interview Questions
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Are you planning to attend an interview for the SAP PP Developer role but are confused about how to crack that interview also what would be the most probable SAP PP Interview Questions that the interviewer may ask? Well, you have reached the right place. Tekslate has collected the most frequently asked SAP PP Interview Questions which are often asked in multiple interviews.

Most Frequently Asked SAP PP Interview Questions 

SAP PP Interview Questions

Q1) What is SAP PP?

Ans: SAP PP process is identified with the generation arranging of an organization and it includes all exercises like MRP (Material Requirement Planning), BOM (Bills Of Material), Routing, Capacity arranging, and so forth however basically it contains two portions.

Material Planning: Material requirements planning, long-term planning,

Execution Planning: Creation of production order, workflow, conformations, technical completion, and good movement

Q2) What Are The Types Of Master Views For Production And Planning?


  • SAP MRP1 View
  • SAP MRP2 View
  • SAP MRP3 View
  • SAP MRP4 View
  • SAP Work Scheduling View

Q3) What Are The Costing Parameters in SAP PP?


  • Work Center: Activity types and the formulas, cost centre
  • Routing: The time, activity types

Q4) What is PLM in SAP PP?

Ans: PLM in SAP PP is a collection of solutions with which you digitally create, maintain, and make product information, available in the whole company and for the entire life cycle of the product.

Q5) What Is The T-code For Changing the Production Order And To Display Production Order?

Ans: T-code to change the production order = C002 T-code to display the production order = C003

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Q6) Can't one Material be Assigned to more than one Operation in a Routine? 

Ans: One material from a BOM CANNOT be assigned to different Operations. It can be done by defining the material for so many times as required in the BOM

Q7) How to Insert an Inspection Checkpoint at the End of an Operation? 

Ans: If the in-process sample is to be defined, assign inspection type 03 in the Material Master. Then create MICs and assign them in the Routings. The system automatically generates the Inspection Lots

Q8) Where do we have to Specify the Teardown time in one Operation? 

Ans: Teardown time can be defined as one of the Standard Parameters...

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Q9) How the Processing time is Calculated in a WC when both labour, Machine Categories exist? 

Ans: Scheduling is done based on the Capacity Category we define in the Workcenter

Q10) How to Create Object Dependencies in a BOM FOR A CONFIGURABLE MATERIAL?

Ans: Go to Extras -> Object Dependency -> Assign For this U need to create Characteristics and Class (of Class Type 300) earlier

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