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22 September, 2020


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Welcome to SAP MRS Tutorials. The objective of these tutorials is to provide an in-depth understanding of SAP MRS. In addition to free SAP MRS, we will cover common interview questions, issues, and how to’s of SAP MRS.

SAP Multi-Resource Scheduling

SAP MRS stands for multi-resource scheduling and planning. SAP MRS is a component of SAP ERP application and allows enterprises effortlessly to manage high-volume resources and supports operations and maintenance strategy. SAP MRS offers state-of-art features and functionalities which makes SAP MRS a must-have for service industries. SAP MRS is an add-on to the SAP ECC components. MRS provides the resource planner in various application areas with an intuitive graphical interface that contains information about open demands, the utilization of resources, and any possible conflicts with the current resource planning.

The software provides assistance in finding the relevant resources related to your demands and consecutively assign them to the demands and later these arise from the units of work corresponding to the areas of Service, project system which is the primary source of these sources of demand meant for SAP Multisource Scheduling are listed below:

  • Customer Service orders
  • CRM service orders
  • Projects from Collaboration Projects (projects)
  • Projects from Project System
  • Plant Maintenance orders

With the help of SAP Multi Resource Scheduling, one can do multiple things that vary right from viewing the status of resource planning, allocating appropriate tools as well as employees that require demands from various areas.

Features of MRS

  • It focuses on an overview of your current planning status
  • It includes scheduled requests
  • It includes resource utilization
  • It concentrates on open work lists
  • Uses a graphical planning board
  • SAP MRS is supported by an alert monitor, to interactively dispatch open service requests to your available resources
  • Use an optimization engine to automatically create an optimized schedule
  • It Determines your overall request status
  • It also Supports your field service efficiency
  • It makes you Understand your resource utilization
  • It will take advantage of analytics
  • Using analytics reduces the commute times by integrating Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Make use of mobile connectivity to update the requests for your field service personnel
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