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Configure Replication Methods in SAP HANA

Overview of Configure Replication Methods in SAP HANA

Replication Method

ETL Based Replication

Installation and integration with SAP BW/R3

In this we will do Installation of Data Services on either SAP or NON-SAP (Database) Landscape

a) Data Services Soft ware Installation

b) Creation of repositories (System DB to store systems information)

Repository creation 

Create 3 Blank database for local, central and profile repositories in MS SQL server.

Assign security for 3 databases

Go to DS repository manager and create 3 repositories by provide repository type.

DB type
Server name
User Name
Pass word

Configure Access Server


Log on DS Management Console


Provide username & passwordHHhhhh


Click on Administrator


Go to Access Server under Management


Provide malice name  Communication port



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Configure Job Server

Log on DS Server Manager


Click on Edit Job Server Configuration


Click on Add


Give Job Server name & Job Server port


Click on Add


Give default of local, profile repository


Click on ok & Restart Job server


Log on to server Mgnt console to register local, profits job servers in Admin console


Provide user id & password


Go to Administrator


Go to repositories under name


Click on Add


Provide repository name, database type, module name  dp port, db name, username & password of local and profile repositions

Integration of DS with SAP BW/R3/SAP presided Transport files, co files,   data files

a) Copy co files (Start with “R”) & Data Files (Starts with “K”) into

SAP installed driver paths




log on to SAP B1 / R3


Provide T code STMS


Clue at import overview


Import Queues






Other requests



Provide Transport Request (R63K900086)



Click on report Request    Screenshot_36 Symbol



Provide Target click (bent 800)  0immrfisyr



Refresh request till status is ok

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Connecting SAP BI and SAP DS

Creating RFC Connection in DS admin Console

Log on DS admin console

Provide user Id & Password

Click on RFC Cn under


SAP connection

Click on Add

Provide RFC program id, Username, password,  Application Server Name, Client no, System no, Gateway hostname (server name) SAP Gateway Service name (SAP GWXX)

System name






Go to RFC Server later face status (tab)



Select our RFC Server interface



Click on Start


Configuration Management

In this phase we have to create either data store or file format for a given source within DS Environment as below




DS Server can understand source be target systems in Two ways

Note:- WE create flat format when the data is in the  format of xls, lobol, xml, DTD, flat file.

Apart from above sources it will treat as data store


SAP R3   Screenshot_24   HANA

BW         Screenshot_24 HANA

FE         Screenshot_24 HANA

DB         Screenshot_24  HANA

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