Remoting concept and its Architecture in WCF
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Remoting is used to build distributed computing applications. 11Microsoft originally developed Remoting by enhancing com and dcom. Using Remoting Microsoft is able to achieve,

  1. Reusability
  2. Language Independency
  3. Platform independency
  4. Location Independency
  5. Every component based model we will have client & server components which will be interacting with different mechanism


Remoting Architecture

  Screenshot_60   Screenshot_61     1):- Client makes a request to the pro xy. 2):- proxy builds stack frame request & send to formatter. 3):- Formatter converts the request into open stand –and format (serialization is performed) & delivers to networks channel. 4):- Network channel will deliver the request to the destination machine. 5):- formatter will take the request & delivers to dispatcher. 6) :- Dispatcher will perform deserialization i.e., converts the request to server understandable form.

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