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Gain essential skills taught by industry experts with our custom tailored curriculum. Work on projects that add weightage to your resume and get job ready.


Tekslate is widely known for providing the most comprehensive and industry-relevant QlikView certification training course all over the world. As part of this training, you will master the core as well as implied concepts of QlikView, its products, relationships, scripting, deploying, designing, and many other concepts. After the course completion, you will achieve proficiency in deriving the analytics and insights.


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28 Hrs Instructor Led Training
Key Highlights tekslate courses
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20 Hrs Project & Exercises
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Key Highlights tekslate courses
Job Assistance
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QlikView Course Curriculum

1.   Introduction BI - Qlikview

The QlikView training-introduction module is presented to let you know that it is a flexible business intelligence platform, for turning data into knowledge.

1    Introduction to Business Intelligence (BI)

            What is Business Intelligence (BI)
            Features of Business Intelligence (BI)
            Traditional Business Intelligence(BI)

2    QlikView

            Features of QlikView
            Pros and cons of QlikView
            QlikView navigation
            Concept of Association in QlikView

3    Data Warehouse Concepts

            Concept of Facts and Dimension
            The fact table and Dimension table

4    Schemas

    Star Schema
    Snowflake Schema

5     Starting of QlikView(QV)

             Installation of Qlikview
             How to start the QlikView (QV)
             Script Edit ( Cntrl +E)
             Reload (Cntrl +R)
             Loading Data from files
             Creation of QVD file
             Load and Store of QVD file in QlikView(QV)

7    QVD Files

             Create QVD files
             Reading Data from QVD files

8     Joins in Qlikview(QV)

            How to use joins in QlikView(QV)
            Left, Right, Inner, Outer


10    Concept of DSN

              What is DSN
              How to create the DSN
              ODBC and OLEDB
              Loading Data from Database
              Loading Data from QVDs

11    Staging Structure (Architecture)

              What is staging
              What is Folder Structure
              Why it is necessary
              Standard folder Structure

Objects in QlikView(QV)

What is Object
Types of Objects
Properties of Objects
Discussion on List Box object
Discussion on Statistics Box object
Discussion on Multi-Box  object
Discussion on Current Selection Box Object
Input Box Object
Text Object
Slider/ Calendar
Bookmark Object
Search Object
Container Object

Charts in QlikView(QV)

        Chart Properties
        Bar Chart
        Line Chart
        Combo Chart
        Radar Chart
        Scatter Chart
        Grid Chart
        Pie Chart
        Funnel Chart
        Block Chart
        Gauge Chart
        Pivot Table
        Stright Table

QlikView Application Samples

             Look up different QlikView Applications

Synthetic Key  

             What is Synthetic Key
             How the Synthetic Key generated
             How to remove the Synthetic Key
             What is Circular Reference
             How to remove Circular Reference

Edit Script Dialog

             SET and LET statement
             Table Viewer

Master Calendar

           Calendar Creation
           Purpose of Calendar
           Date and Time function
           Concept of Autogenerate() function

           Date() and Date#() 
           Display Fiscal Year
           Display Today()
           Display Week number
           Display Week name 
           Display Months 
           Display Years
           Display Quarter
           Display Fiscal Month Number
           Display Fiscal Month Name
           Display Fiscal Quarter


          What is Variable
          Why it is used
          Variable declaration

MTD & YTD Concepts


Conditional Expression

         If …….Else   statement
         Nested  If …….Else   statement

SET Analysis

        Concept Of Set Analysis

SET Analysis

        Use of Set Analysis
        Direct Set and Indirect Set 

Tasks SET Analysis

Data Model Introduction

      Revising on Joins
      Concatenation Types
      Loading Data from a Previously Loaded table (Resident)

Data Model Preparation

     Creating a Data Model with Sample Data

Data Model Preparation

      Creating Data Model with Sample Data


Demonstration of Live Application
Optimized Load
Other Concepts

  •  Apply map
  •  Keep


  • ApplyMap
  • WildMatch

Incremental Load Concept

  • Introduction to Incremental Load
  • Use of Incremental Load
  • Insert only
  • Insert update
  • Insert Update and Delete

Review of Data Model Preparation
Discussion on Functions 

  • Exists
  • ApplyMap
  • WildMatch         

Other important functions with examples

Examples On Accumulation

  •            Concept Of Accumulation

Practice on charts 

  •              Pivot Table
  •              Straight Table
  •              Difference

Set Analysis

  • Writing Set Analysis expressions in the chart
  • Syntax structure


  • Top 5 and Bottom 5 Records.
  •  Alternate state

Section Access

  •         Concept of Section Access
  •         Why Section Access is necessary in Qlik View (QV)
  •         Type of Section Access

                   NT NAME
                   USER ID 

  •           Demonstration of Section Access
  •           Document Level SA
  •           Sheet Level
  •           Data Level

Actions on Objects

  •            Button Object
  •            Text Object


  •             Different Triggers
  • Demostration on Past Application
  • Project Explanation

Tekslate offers advanced QlikView interview questions and answers along with QlikView resume samples. Take a free sample practice test before appearing in the certification to improve your chances of scoring high.

QlikView Modes of Training

Self Paced Training

  • 30 Hrs of Live Recorded Videos
  • Life-time LMS Access
  • 100% Practical Approach

Online ClassroomRecommended
  • 30 Hrs of Live Training
  • Flexible Timing Options
  • Real-Time Projects
  • Job Assistance
  • Certification Guidance
  • Flexible EMI Options

09 Aug, 2022-

09 Sep, 2022

01:30 AM IST

13 Aug, 2022-

13 Sep, 2022

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16 Aug, 2022-

16 Sep, 2022

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20 Aug, 2022-

20 Sep, 2022

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Why Corporates Choose Tekslate For Their Training Needs

Tekslate is the training partner for more than 120+ corporates across the globe having trained over 2000+ professionals. We are a one stop solution for skill upgrade for organizations and individuals to innovate and progress rapidly.

Flexible training options globally

Tailored curriculum to fit your project needs.

Assured practical exposure

We have got everything covered for any IT skill upgrade for your organization. We are just a click away.


QlikView Training Objectives

Upon the course completion, the student will be able to:

  • Implement QlikView Data modeling , visualization, and Qlikviewrporting

  • Learn how to create a qvd file in QlikviewDesktop

  • Learn the basic steps of transformation

  • Learn about data and BI visualization

  • Create different types of charts and integrate them in dashboard for analysis

  • Learn how Qlik reads data from various tables

  • Understand Qlikviewset analysis and how to implement it in QlikView

  • Understand chart level functions and script level Qlik function?

  • Know QlikView Security and Qlikview access point?

  • Develop a real-time project using Qlikview and prepare yourself for Qlikview certification

  • QlikView is the on-demand technology with numerous job opportunities for Certified QlikView professionals across the Globe.

  • Many MNCs are recruiting QlikView practitioners across the world.

  • The average salary of a “QlikView” professional is $124,061/year.

  • BI /ETL/DW Professionals
  • Project Managers

  • Testing Professional

  • Business and Reporting professional

  • Software Developers and Architects

  • Graduates aiming to build a career in Visualization & Analysis.

  • Business Analyst.

As there no prerequisites for this course. Anyone who is having enthusiasm for learning this course can attend this training. Having a basic knowledge of SQL, DWH, RDBMS will be beneficial.

We will provide two real-time projects under the guidance of a professional trainer, who will help you in acquiring in-depth knowledge on all the concepts involved in these projects.

Tekslate Advantage:

Real - World Projects

With real-world projects you’ll gain working experience that companies require while you get hired.

Career Services

Our career services include mock interviews, certification assistance and guide you to prepare your professional resume that gets you hired.

Flexible Learning Options

Customize your curriculum as per your project needs, learn at your own pace or choose the schedule that fits best to you.

Mentor Support

Our expert mentors help you when you are stuck in any time of the training sessions and help you stay on track.

QlikView Training Reviews


I completed my QlikView Online Training. The trainer was well organised and explained all the concepts well. Great experience.


I was a bit sceptical about taking an online course, but I have to say that I’m delighted with the experience provided by the trainer. The Q



Tekslate training is the best place to gather, garner and garden the knowledge for all around the globe on QlikView — my best wishes to Teks



Upon completion of the training you’ll be provided a course completion certificate which adds weightage to your resume and increases your chances of getting hired.


  • Certification Assistance
  • Certification Sample Questions
  • QlikView Course FAQ's

    • Our trainers are well experienced professionals and certified in working with front-end development technologies.
    • We will record all the Live sessions you go through, and we will send the recording of the class you missed.
    • For practical execution, our trainer will provide server access to the student. 
    • All our training classes are live. This is to solve all the student queries directly with the trainer.
    • Live online training means, our trainer will be in online with you to solve your issues.
    • Pre-recorded training means, there will be no trainer available to solve your issues.

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