Informatica Power Center 8.6 Installation

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6th October, 2020




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Power Center 8.6 Installation Process

Creating user in Oracle

User name: System

Password : MANGER

Host String : ORCL

SQL> Create user< username>identified by <password> User created

SQL> grant DBA to username

Grant succeeded

Installation of the Server

Change system data to Feb 2009 (set to)

Click on the server folder

Double click on the install file

Select a language


Click ok

Click on Next

Chose installation type

Select install power center 8.6.0

Click on Next

Licensee key

Click Browser

Select the key Ravana.key

Click on open

Click on next

Click on next

D: directory click on next

HTTP Click on next

Ignore click on Install

Create or domain window is displayed

Click on new domain

Click on next

Database type : Orace

URL : Computer name: 1521

User ID : nipuna Own sure name Create own user and password

Password : REP

Server Name: ORCL

Click on test connection

Click on Next

Domain name: Domin_computer name default

Domain host name:__________ default

Node Name : _______ default

Domain port no :6001

Domain username  : admin

Domain password : domain  any password

Contain password : admin

Click on next

  • Disable the Run informatica service under a different user account.

Click on next

Click on done

Introduction to Informatica

Repository service

Start Program Informatica 8.6.0 Service

Click on power center Administration console

Username : Admin

Password : Admin

Click on Administration console

Left pain Domain  under the Domain

Click on create

Click on repository service

Service name: Nipuna-rep

Location : Do not change

Kiccnce : do not change

Node: __________

Database type: oracle

Ford page: Do not change

Connection string : ORCL

DB User : Nipuna

DB-Password: Reb

Table space name: __________(ignore)

Creation mode:

(.)select create new repository content

Click on create

Click on close

Creating integration service

Left pain click on domain under the domain

Click on create

Click on integration service

Service name: Nipuna

Location : Don’t change

License : don’t change

Assign : (.)node select

Node : ___________Select node

Repository service: Nipona – rep

Repository user name: administrator (give the capital  A)

Repository password: Administrator any password

Data moment mode: Unicode  select

Click on create

(.) Enable integration service

Click on ok

Click on close

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Install the client

Double click on install

Select English

Click ok

Click on next

Select install

Click on next

Click on next

Click on next

Click on Install

Click on next

Click on done

Start programs informatics power center 8.6.0client repository manager from repository menu

Click add repository

Repository nipuna-rep

Username administrator

Click on ok

Right click the repository nipuna-rep select connect

Username: administrator

Password : administrator


Click on connect

Create a folder

go to the folder select create

name: BSR any name

Click ok

Filter Transformation:-

This is of type an active transformation which allows you to filter the data based on condition.

A condition is created with following elements

  • Port
  • Operator
  • Operand

Use  the filter transformation to perform data cleansing (Removing unwanted data). The filter transformation return true (or)false.

True  indicates that  an input record meets the give condition and record is delivered for further processing (or ) loading.

False indicates that an input record meets the given condition and record is delivered for further processing (or)loading.

False indicate that an input record doesn’t meet the given condition and record is delivered for Reject.

*The filter transformation doesn’t support to capture rejected record.

*The filter transformation allows you to develop the single condition and allows you to pass the data to single target.

*the default condition in filter transformation is true.

Integration service evaluate and allows the filter transform

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