In C # .net all the data types are predefined structure.

char c;

Char is a structure and c is a  structure variable.

Structure contains a collection of methods.

Structure will be stored in a stack memory.

As per above statements, every data type contains a collection of pre defined methods .




Example:- A program to point data type limits open window forms application project

(File arrrow new arrrowprojectarrrowvisual C # arrrow  window forms application)

Observations: - A window will be opened, which is called as a form

arrrowOpen Tool Box  (view  menu  Tool Box)

arrrowPlace a button on the form

arrrowCode for button click event

Private void button1_ click


Message Box. Show  ( Int. Max value . To String ());

Message Box. Show  ( Int. Min value . To String ());





Execute the project


Write line () is used to display a message in Console Application.

Message Box. Show () is used to display a message in windows form application


Example on Parsing



Open window forms application project

Place two text boxes and a button

Code for button 1 click


The value  typed in text box 1 as called as text box1 .text

Button1 arrrowClick here


Message box. Show  (text box 1. Text  + text box 2. Text);

Int Sal = int. parse  (text box 1. Text);

Int inc  =  int. parse  (text box 2. Text);

Int total = sal + inc;

Message Box. Show (total . to string ());


Message Box. Show (total + “”);

Execute the project


In C # , message Box . Show () is  capable to point only string

‘+’ operator is used to add numbers and to concatenate string.

10 + 20 = 30

“10” + “20” = 1020

“10” + 20 = 1020