Oracle ADI Setup

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1. ADI Setup for Oracle Apps  1.1. Enter name “Vision” and Description “ADI Setup for demo” on the following screen. 18 1.2. Now we will connect as System Administrator to our Oracle Applications instance to get the GWYUID and FNDNAM. 1.3. From the menu, click Help > Diagnostics > Examine and provide the required password like default is apps. 1.4. In Block click the down arrow and select $ENVIRONMENT$. 1.5. In the Field select FNDNAM from the drop down menu. 1.6. Note the value appeared in the Value. 19 1.7. Now to find the value of GWYUID enter same value $ENVIRONMENT$ while enter select GWYUID in the Field. 20 1.8. Note down the Value appeared. 1.9. Get the connecting string from your tnsnames.ora. Here the connecting string is vis. 1.10. Now to connect instances you need Server ID and for this you need to perform the following steps. 1.10.1. Find the dbc file under: $FND_TOP/ secure directory. 1.10.2. Note the APPL_SERVER_ID value from the dbc file. 1.10.3. In my case it is, “0DC6A6EC525DC79EE040A8C02400763C16703932431758261858402452316640 ” . or login as apps user and execute the following query. select node_name, server_id from fnd_nodes Note: This Server ID is required for instances. 1.11. We will enter all the values as show in the following screen. 21 1.12. Click on the Tick sign and provide Username, password and Database to connect. v              

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