New version of SAP hybris integration with SAP Business Suite
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Hybris Versions

A new edition of SAP Hybris integration with SAP commercial enterprise Suite fast-deployment answer. This answer helps you to set up a fine-of-breed omni-channel buying enjoy supplied with the aid of the SAP Hybris commerce with pre-configured integration in your SAP ERP business backend.

The RDS offers content material for first-rate-exercise B2B and B2C situations that can be used as a proof of concept or as an out-of-the-field starting point on your task. The scenarios cover the replication of grasp information from ERP to the Hybris web save, to check product availability, to name ERP pricing at taking a look at-out, and to transfer income orders created within the Hybris web keep to SAP ERP.

This version also promises a brand new scope object to attach now not most effective an SAP ERP backend to SAP Hybris trade, but also an SAP vending for Retail gadget. With that, you may choose which backend you want to connect – and of course, depending on that selection distinct records are exchanged.

Permit me to start with the retail unique scope object, called

B2C trade – Asynchr. Order management with Asynchr. Pricing for Retail.

In your Web shop as the most importantly digital commerce channel, customers expect a first-class buying experience with excellent response times. At the same time, your organizations want to have product data available in all channels in a consistent way without double upkeep.

Within the Retail B2C scenario for asynchronous order management, article facts, expenses, reductions, and inventory records are downloaded asynchronously from SAP merchandising for Retail to SAP Hybris trade. The replication of article grasp statistics covers single articles, established articles along with versions, and category facts-based totally on products category hierarchy. This automated statistics replication reduces charges and inconsistencies. consumer interaction happens exclusively through and within SAP Hybris trade. Orders are created and stored in SAP Hybris commerce before they may be replicated to SAP vending for Retail for order fulfillment. The achievement popularity is replicated back from SAP vending for Retail to SAP Hybris commerce. The asynchronous facts transfer ensures the excellent feasible response times for ceasing customers, with the SAP Hybris trade staying completely independent of SAP vending for Retail and its availability with regard to records persistency and commercial enterprise strategies. This distribution of duties, order capturing through SAP Hybris commerce with order success in SAP merchandising for Retail combines the energy of the two main industry solutions.

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SAP Hybris Commerce

Screenshot SAP Hybris Commerce[/caption]

To integrate SAP vending for Retail with SAP Hybris trade, the SAP Retail upload-on for SAP Hybris commerce 1.1 is used. This upload-On permits quicker setup and much less steeply-priced implementation of tasks via e.g. assisting the

  • Replication of classification information based on products category Hierarchy
  • Replication of Retail single Article
  • Replication of Retail normal Article
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In SAP Hybris DataHub and inside SAP Hybris commerce.

The SAP Hybris DataHub maps the Retail frequent Article with its variations into the prevailing Hybris standard structure of the so-known as Multi-Dimensional Product (MDP). This compliance lets in to utilize Retail typical articles and variations within the Hybris accelerators.

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SAP Retail Integration

Overview SAP Retail Integration[/caption]

The rapid-deployment solution limits dangers and fees of your trade task thru pre-defined integration on your SAP merchandising for Retail machine. So,

your challenge can awareness on consumer pleasure by way of supplying first elegance buying revel in. that is additionally proper for the two other situations to be had inside this speedy-deployment solution:

B2C commerce – Asynchronous Order management with Asynchronous Pricing

It’s quite comparable from the technique step to the retail unique scope item, but it offers with trendy ERP objects, as product data, fees, discounts and stock records that are downloaded asynchronously from SAP ERP to the SAP Hybris commerce. The order is priced, created and saved in the SAP Hybris commerce and then transferred asynchronously to SAP ERP. The reputation of order achievement accomplished in SAP ERP is replicated lower back to the SAP Hybris internet shop.

B2B trade – Asynchronous Order management with Synchronous Pricing

Product records, charges, reductions, stock records, organization and get in touch with individual information are downloaded asynchronously from SAP ERP to SAP Hybris trade. The order is created and stored in SAP Hybris commerce and then transferred asynchronously to SAP ERP. Pricing common sense is synchronously referred to as at checkout. The repute of order success finished in SAP ERP is replicated returned to the SAP Hybris internet keep.

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SAP ERP Integration

Overview SAP ERP Integration[/caption]


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