tag the parent member , never share , when you don’t want the value of to be implicitly shared with the parent member . in the above example , quantity is tagged as never share and it has it’s own storage space .or we can write formula also or we can set it to missing .


Aliases are alternate   names for a member .

To create aliases on a member .right click and edit member properties button . click the text box next to the default . enter name

Usually aliases are used for creating long names . when a database is created . we can create 9 more aliases table in the outline . the aliases table contains information about member name and aliases name as in the example

$ALT_NAME ‘default’

“JAN 2007” “jan regular”

“si” “south india ”

“ap” “Andhra predesh”

“tn” “tamilnadu”


An alias table name can take maximum of 30 characters . an alias name can take maximum of 80 characters .


To create alias table:-

  • Double click the outline and click properties tab .
  • Right click on the alias table click create alias table and enter the name of the alias table.
  • Only one alias information can be seen in the outline , the alias table should be activate. To make an alias table active, right click on the alias table and select set activate


Alias tab backup:-

To take backup of alias table, right click on the alias table and click export select alias table and click browse and folder to export . the alias table can be exported with .alt extension and it can be opened with note pad .

To restore the alias table right click on the alias table and click import and locate the exported file from the above step . click OK. Alias table gets created.

To create aliases using rules files:-



  • Open data prep editor
  • Open data source file (or open SQLDB and enter the required SQL)
  • Map the first column to generation for geography enter 2 in the member field. Map the 3rd column to GEN 4 . for the last column , select the dimension. Select . select alias under field type . the number will be same as previous column .
  • Click options , dimensions build settings , dimensions build settings tab. Select ‘allow property changes ’ .
  • Validate and save the rules file (these steps are with respect to the above data)