You are going to learn about:

  • Network Addressing Features
  • Configuring the Network Channels
  • Examples of the Network Channels

Network Addressing Features…

  • Adds flexibility to networking configuration:

    • multiple NICs for a single WLS server
    • specific NIC’s or multiple port numbers on a NIC for specific WLS servers
    • multiple IP addresses can be used with each server
    • a single IP address can be used with multiple ports
    • configure the cluster multicast port number independently of the port numbers used by cluster members
    • multiple SSL configurations on one server
    • administration traffic only port

interoperability with previous WLS versions


Network Channels

  • define a set of basic attributes of a network connection to WLS.
  • can assign multiple channels to a single server (segment network traffic).
  • can prioritize internal (non-URL) connections.

  • can separate incoming client traffic from internal server to server traffic in a domain.
  • “default” channel gets automatically generated when a server is created.


Configuring Network Channels

Navigate to Environment à Servers à Server_Name à Protocols à Channels.


Click on New to create Network Channel


In the Network Channel table, specify the following properties:

 Name:  Protocol


In the Create a new Network Channel page, specify the following properties:

Listen Address

Listen Port

External Listen Address

External Listen Port




Using Channels Example 1: Multiple NICs per server


  • Each server has 2 NICs
  • Each NIC has one channel, hence there are 2 channels per server
  • Types of channels

    • StandardChannel

      • enables HTTP
      • disables other protocols

    • SecureChannel

      • enables HTTPS
      • disables other protocols



Using Channels Example 2: Separate Internal and External traffic:

  • AppChannel is common between servers

    • used for internal communications
    • OutgoingEnabled attribute is enabled

  • ClientChannel is used for external access

    • clients can only connect to public IP address
    • OutgoingEnabled attribute is disabled





  • Network Addressing Features
  • Configuring the Network Channels

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