MVC HTML helper class controllers


Enter user name
Enter user name
Enter pass word
Select gender

  • Male
  • female

Select Hobbies

  • Dancing
  • Playing

Select skills

  • C
  • C++
  • JAVA

Describe your experience



Go to sample .asp x source path of the page write the follows code in <div> tag

<table align= ‘center’ border=”2”>

<tr><td><%= HTML.label(“enter your name”)%></td>



<tr><td><%=HTML.label(“enter user name”)%></td>

<tr><td><%=HTML.textbox (“t2”)%></td>


<tr><td><%=HTML.label (”enter password”)%></td>



<tr><td><%=HTML.label(“text gender”)%></td>

<td><%=HTML.radiobutton(“gender”, ”male”)%>male

<%-HTML.radiobutton(“gender”, “female”)%>female



<tr><td><%=HTML.label(“select hobbies”)%></td>


<%=HTML.checkbox(“playing”)%>playing >



<tr><td><%=HTML.label (”select qualification”)%></td>

<td><%=HTML.dropdownlist (“CB1”)%></td>


<tr><td><%=HTML.label (”select skill set”)%></td>




<td><%=HTML.load (“describe your experience”)%></td>







Go to home controller .cs


Write the following code ---> to display the data in combo box and list box

Public action result sample ()


List <string> L1=new list <string> ();

L1.add (”SSC”);

L1.add (”10+2”);

L1.add (”Degree”);

List <string>L2=new list <string> ();

L2.add (””);

L2.add (”C”);

L2.add (””);

View data [“CB1”] =new select list (L1);

View data [“LB1”] =new select list (L2);

Return view ();




Redirecting the user request using HTML helper class:

To redirect the user request from one page to other page use action link method from HTML helper class.

Sample view


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Create new view page with the name samples


Go to source part and write the following code



<h1>welcome to satya technologies</h1>

<%=HTML.actionlink (“sample view”, “sample”,”home”) %>



//<%#HTML.actionlink (

“(“sample view”, “sample”,”home”) %>

3                            3                     3

Display text        action name    controller name

2go to home controller create an action method like

Public action result sample ()


Return view ();


Go to globel. Asax file change action name

With samples and run the application

Create an action link to redirect user requires to some website

For indepth understanding click on