Menu, Responsibility & User

22 September, 2018


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1. Customized Menu Definition Here we will create a customized menu and a responsibility. Then menu will be assigned to this responsibility. I have selected AP Super User menu to find the name of Invoices Submenu. 1.1. Open the Menu form, Sys Admin : Application > Menu 1.2. Search AP_NAVIGATE_GUI12 menu, 93 1.3. Note/Copy the Submenu of Invoices which is AP_INVOICES_GUI12 so we will assign the entire invoice related Functions to our new menu. 1.4. Again query the menu AP_I NVOI CES_GUI 12. 94 1.5. So we will assign this menu to our responsibility and the user will have these functions to which we will assign that responsibility. 2. Responsibility Creation to Assign Menu 2.1. Open the Define form, Sys Admin: Security > Responsibility > Define 2.2. Enter the required information and in Menu enter AP_I NVOI CES_GUI 12. 95 2.3. Save the data.   3. Responsibility Assignment to User 3.1. Open the User form, Sys Admin: Security > User > Define 3.2. Search the XX_USER (you can search the user to which you want to assign) and assign XX AP Invoice Entry responsibility. 96 3.3. Save the data. 3.4. Switch to XX AP Invoice Entry responsibility and the following functions will be displayed. 97    

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