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 What is LINQ

2In general when deal with object oriented programming we learn OOP in C# or JAVA. 2But especially when we deal with D/B again we need to learn data base language like

  1. SQL
  2. TL/SQL in SQL and oracle
  3. PL/SQL‍

2And X path and X Query etc. when dealing with “XML” that means we also need to learn D/B programming language to deal with any data bases like 9   LINQ will bridge this gap between OOP and relational data bases   10

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In .NET JAVA we have Hibernate as ORNET LINQ will may OOP to strict to OOP only. i.e when we work with LINQ completely we will depending on object OOP. And need not learn D/B language 2LINQ is introduced in 3.0 version of .net frame work

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