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22 September, 2018


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1. Database Tier 1.1. Set Environment Variables $ cd /u01/oracle/ visdb/9.2.0 $. ./VIS_vision.env $ echo $ORACLE_HOME /u01/oracle/ visdb/9.2.0 1.2. Files in ORACLE_HOME 1.2.1. My SID = VIS and HOST is Vision To view SI D $ echo $ORACLE_SID VIS To view Host $ hostname -s vision

File Path
init.ora $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/
initSID.ora $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/
SID_HOST_ifile.ora $ORACLE_HOME/ $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/ scripts/SID_HOST/ $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/ scripts/SID_HOST/
adautocfg $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/ scripts/SID_HOST/ $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/ scripts/SID_HOST/ $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/ scripts/SID_HOST/ $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/ scripts/SID_HOST/ $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/ scripts/SID_HOST/ $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/ scripts/SID_HOST/
adstopdb.sql $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/ scripts/SID_HOST/
adstrtdb.sql $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/ scripts/SID_HOST/

    1.3. Files in TNS_ADMIN 1.3.1. To view the TNS_ADMIN, $ echo $TNS_ADMIN /u01/oracle/ visdb/9.2.0/network/admin/VIS_vision

File Path
listener.ora $TNS_ADMIN/
sqlnet_ifile.ora $TNS_ADMIN/
sqlnet.ora $TNS_ADMIN/
tnsnames.ora $TNS_ADMIN/
listener_ifile.ora $TNS_ADMIN/

    2. Application Tier 2.1. Set Environment Variables $ cd /u01/oracle/ visappl $. ./ APPSORA.env $ echo $ORACLE_HOME /u01/oracle/ visora/8.0.6 2.2. Files in ORACLE_HOME

File Path
forms60_server $ORACLE_HOME/
CGIcmd.dat $ORACLE_HOME/ reports60/ server/
REP60_SID.ora $ORACLE_HOME/ reports60/ server/
runform.htm $ORACLE_HOME/ tools/web60/html/
runrep.htm $ORACLE_HOME/ tools/web60/html/

  2.3. Files in TNS_ADMIN 2.3.1. To view the TNS_ADMIN, $ echo $TNS_ADMIN /u01/oracle/ visdb/9.2.0/network/admin/VIS_vision   2.4. Files in APPL_TOP 2.4.1. To view the APPL_TOP, $ echo $APPL_TOP /u01/oracle/ visappl

File Path
adconfig.txt $APPL_TOP/admin/
adovars.env $APPL_TOP/admin/

  2.5. Files in FND_TOP 2.5.1. To view the FND_TOP, $ echo $FND_TOP /u01/oracle/ visappl/ fnd/11.5.0

File Path
HOST_SID.dbc $FND_TOP/ secure/
appsweb.cfg $FND_TOP/ resource/

   2.6. Files in COMN_TOP 2.6.1. To view the COMN_TOP, $ echo $COMN_TOP /u01/oracle/ viscomn

File Path $COMN_TOP/admin/scripts/SID_HOST/ $COMN_TOP/admin/scripts/SID_HOST/ $COMN_TOP/admin/scripts/SID_HOST/ $COMN_TOP/admin/scripts/SID_HOST/ $COMN_TOP/admin/scripts/SID_HOST/ $COMN_TOP/admin/scripts/SID_HOST/ $COMN_TOP/admin/scripts/SID_HOST/ $COMN_TOP/admin/scripts/SID_HOST/ $COMN_TOP/admin/scripts/SID_HOST/ $COMN_TOP/admin/scripts/SID_HOST/ $COMN_TOP/admin/scripts/SID_HOST/ $COMN_TOP/admin/scripts/SID_HOST/ $COMN_TOP/admin/scripts/SID_HOST/ $COMN_TOP/admin/scripts/SID_HOST/ $COMN_TOP/admin/scripts/SID_HOST/ $COMN_TOP/admin/scripts/SID_HOST/ $COMN_TOP/admin/scripts/SID_HOST/ $COMN_TOP/admin/ install/SID_HOST/
aplogon.html $COMN_TOP/admin/portal/SID_HOST/
applist.html $COMN_TOP/admin/portal/SID_HOST/

    2.7. Files in OA_HTML 2.7.1. To view the OA_HTML, $ echo $ OA_HTML /u01/oracle/ viscomn/html

File Path
appsweb_SI D_HOST.cfg $OA_HTML/bin/


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