JMX Architecture

23 October, 2018


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JMX Architecture

jmx-architecture   Instrumentation Layer

  1. The instrumentation layer exposes the application components as one or more managed beans (MBeans)
  2. Each MBean provides access to its state using public methods
  3. An MBean can be any Java object that supports the interfaces and semantics of the JMX specification

Agent Layer

  1. The JMX agent is the hub of the JMX framework
    1. It provides remote management and application access to all of its registered MBeans
  2. The agent also supports additional services, such as monitoring and dynamic loading
    1. These services are also implemented and registered as MBeans so that they benefit from the framework as well
  3. The core agent component is called MBean server and is defined by the interface
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Distributed Services Layer

  1. The distributed management services layer provides the interfaces and components that remote tools use to interface with agents
  2. The current specification leaves the definition of these interfaces and other functionality to the future versions of JMX, but most application servers provide JMX connectors and adaptors for web (HTML), RMI, and SNMP access.

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