Introduction to Visual Force

27 October, 2018


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Introduction to VisualForce in Salesforce: has created a comprehensive platform for building on demand applications .like other sophisticated application developer's platform's the platform offer's separate tools for defining.

  • The structure of data ---> DATA MODEL
  • The rules that detail how the data can be manipulated BUSINESS LOGIC
  • The layout that specifies how data should be displayed THE USER INTERFACE

This splitting up application development tools based on the above is known as MVC (Model View Control) application development pattern.

  • Model ---> data model
  • View  ---> user interface
  • Controller  ---> Business logic

While the tools for building the data model and business logic for applications are powerful solutions that run natively on platform servers, the existing tool's for defining user interface's have certain limitations.

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The Limitations are Page Layouts:

It’s a point and click tool that allows applications developer to organic fields, buttons and related lists on record detail pages, doesn't provide much flexibility in how sets of information can be displayed. Like Field must always appear above related lists

  • Button's must appear below the fields (above)
  • And S.Control's and custom link's can only be placed in particular areas
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