Subversion SVN Interview Questions

17 September, 2018


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SVN Interview Questions

What all things should be stored in SVN repository?

  1. Source Code
  2. MySQL Queries
  3. Database Updates
  4. Project regarding important files
  5. Product Documents
  6. Minutes of Metting and Imp Email

How to delete file from SVN Repo?

SVN delete filename

Difference between SVN commit and SVN update?

SVN commit:: Push (upload) the local changes to Repository. SVN Update:: Get (download) the Repository changes files to local system.

List out what is the best practices for SVN?

  1. Work from your own local work-space
  2. Commit small autonomous changes
  3. Use comment
  4. Validate the files you are committing, you actually changed
  5. Take Update before commit to the Repo.

What is "branch" , "Tag" and "Trunk" in SVN ?

Trunk is the main body of development, originating from the start of the project till end.

Branch is a copy of code derived from a certain point in the trunk that is used for applying major changes to the code while preserving the integrity of the code in the trunk.

Trunk is a point in time on the trunk or a branch that you wish to preserve. This is like base-lining the code after a major release.

Difference between Update and Commit ?

Update is used to update the local workspace with the changes committed by the team to the repository whereas Commit is the process to push changes from local to repository.

Explain what is the difference between commit and update?

Update is used to update the local workspace with the changes made by the team to the repository, while commit is the process to implement changes from local to repository, in simple words, upload a file into repository.


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