ServiceNow Admin Interview Questions

28 September, 2020

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ServiceNow Admin Interview Questions

1Q) What is the update set?

Ans: An updated set is a group of customization that can be moved from one instance to another.

2Q) Where do you modify the Service catalog item?

Ans: Service catalog>Maintain Item

3Q) What does the application navigator?

Ans: Provides links to all application menus and modules.

4Q)Where tables can be manipulated?

Ans: Record List Forms Table and Columns

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5Q) iA filter is defined with the following attributes in ServiceNow?

Ans: Field name, operator, and Values

6Q)How do you modify or create a workflow?

Ans: Utilize the graphical workflow editor.

7Q) Which access is needed to access ACLs?

Ans: Security Admin.

8Q) What is RITM?

Ans: Request Item

9Q) What does the coalesce field do?

Ans: Coalescing on a field (or set of fields) means the field will be used as a unique key.

10Q) How do you know which release version of ServiceNow you are working on?

Ans: Go to System Diagnostics > Stats and check the Build name

11Q) What is a column?

Ans: Column is the field

12Q) Where are bread crumbs in SN?

Ans: It’s the filter views

13Q) to save duplicate data while importing?

Ans: Utilize Coalesce field to make the field unique

14Q)What controls what type of data users can access?

Ans: ACL provides permission to access any object in ServiceNow.

15Q) What is stored in a table?

Ans: Data

16Q) What is CI?

Ans: Configuration Item

17Q) What is BSM?

Ans: Business Service Map

18Q) What is Variable Set?

Ans: Unit of variable which can be shared with catalog items.

19Q) What are the workflow activities?

Ans: Approvals conditions Notifications Task Timer Utilities

20Q) What runs on the Client-side and Server-side?

Ans: UI policy and Client scripts run on the Client-side Business rules and Data policy runs on a server-side.

21Q)How do you set a read-only field?

Ans: UI policy

22Q) What is a business rule?

Ans: A piece of javascript configured to run when the rd is displayed, inserted, deleted,or queried.

23Q) Where can you see information about system activity?

Ans: System Logs

24Q) What module tracks all upgrades made to the system?

Ans: System Diagnostics > Upgrade History

25Q) What is SAAS?

Ans: Software as a Service

26Q) What is the function of the application navigator? 

Ans: Provide links to all applications and modules.

27Q) What is the name of the search used by ServiceNow?

Ans: Zing

28Q) What is a set of table fields?

Ans:  A record

29Q) What is a light red field status indicator that means?

Ans: A required field that has a saved value.

30Q) What is the orange field status indicator means?

Ans:  Read-only field

31Q) What is the red dashed line indicates?

Ans: data or mistyped word.