SAP Success Factors LMS Interview Questions

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22nd September, 2020




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SAP SuccessFactors Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. Define Success factors and why are they called by that name?

Ans. Success factor is a management term for an element that is necessary for an organization or project to achieve its mission. Because they explain behaviors that result in successful performance in the job.

Q2. In What way can Employee Central be Integrated with Successfactors Products?

Ans. With the help of HRIS sync by SuccessFactors Products, Employee central can be Integrated Internally.

Q3. What is present in the Succession data model?

Ans. All the records of the employee are present in the succession data model. This type of succession data model constructs the fields both internal (information related to employment) and external(personal information of employee) works.

Q4. What type of configuration is done in the country-specific succession data model?

Ans. Country specific succession data model is configured by address formats, country-specific fields, and by all the international standards.

Q5. What is defined by the corporate data model?

Ans. The corporate data model defines foundation objects' fields and their interconnections. Once again they contain a type of organization, mode of pay, and job role.

Q6. What is the use of the propagation data model?

Ans. It is used for auto-population from foundation tables.

Q7. Mention the other two data models that are used?

Ans. Data models:

  • Event Derivation rules,
  • Workflow rules.

Q8. How can you mask sensible data in fields?

Ans. By setting the attribute pii=” true ”.

Q9. How can you set the field to be required so that it can be filled?

Ans. By setting the attribute required=” true ”.

Q10. What is meant by DTD?

Ans. It is a data model defined by Document type definition.

My view is to construct a highly unified hr in the cloud. A highly unified HR is the main person to maximize the business outcomes of the organization.

Q11. Why three levels are present in a framework?

Ans. Because they explain a wide range of behavior types that are close to different job roles. despite their levels are not ranked.

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