Peoplesoft CRM Interview Questions

17 September, 2018


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What are the statuses available in PeopleSoft Domain Status Menu?

Server Status

Client Status

Queue Status

How would you implement row level security in Peoplesoft CRM?

The steps to assign row level security are:

Assign desired values of fields (department/ job location/ job company/ business unit etc) to Data Permission Lists

Assign these Data Permission Lists to users

Data Permission List is given access to values values of ‘Department’ field defined at various levels in Department Security Tree through: Set Up HRMS -> Security -> Core Row Level Security -> Security by Dept Tree

- Users are directly assigned to Data Permission List in user Profiles component – ‘General’ page – Row Security field. A user can be assigned to only one Data Permission List at a time.

If field is not ‘Department’ but ‘Location’, ‘Business Unit’, ‘Salary Grade’ etc:

- Data Permission Lists are given access to values of these fields through: Set Up HRMS -> Security -> Core Row Level Security -> Security by Permission List

- Users are assigned to Data Permission Lists through roles in user profiles component (Roles page). Multiple such roles can be assigned to users as per requirement.

What is the default Crystal Report that PeopleSoft Query tool creates?

The default Crystal Report that Peoplesoft Query tool creates is


Where do you need to install connectivity software?

We need to install Connectivity Software on Appserver and scheduler server if they are not on the Database server

What is the purpose of state records?

To store application data for life of the application Engine process

What is the most important Record in PS HRMS?

JOB record

What is dynamic view?

Dynamic View is like SQL View but we cannot build the dynamic view. When we do not want store the database then us dynamic view.

What is the difference between SQL View and Query View?

In Sql view manually write the SQL statement, Query view use the PS QUERY tool.

What is section?

A section is a set of ordered steps that is executed as part of a program. You can call sections (and other programs) from steps within other sections.

How do you create the Department security with navigations?

To do this, after you have created your Departments Navigate to TreeManger->Tree Manager and select Appropriate Security Tree (In General in People soft this will be DEPT_SECURITY). Attach your newly created Department in the tree in the required node. Then after run HR_FASTVIEW Application engine by Navigati through-

SetupHRMS->Security->Department Security->Update dept Security.

What is ERP and how it is related to SAP?

ERP is generally referred to a class of business software that addresses a business firm in totality, rather than one or two functions. For example, there are accounting software, inventory software, etc. that addresses a specific function of a business. However, ERP class software addresses all the functions of the business and provides an integrated view of the business to the management. SAP is a German company and is the world leader in ERP software across various industries.

What is difference between Translate table and Prompt table?

There are few differences between Translate tables and prompt tables

Translate tables have a max length of 4 char for each element. However, prompt table elements have no such limitation

There can be only 30 entries in a translate table. Whereas prompt table can have n number of entries.

What are all the steps involved in Upgrade process?

Prepare Copy of Production Database

Install New Release

Upgrade People Tools

Run and Review Compare Reports

Apply Application Changes

Complete Production Copy

Test the Upgrade

Move into Production

Explain what are component buffer and data buffer?

Component Buffer contains all the Data of active component Data Buffer:

Data Buffer contains Data other then the Data in the Component Buffer.

Data Buffer classes are available in people code, Rowset, Row, Record, Field, Array, Sql, File, chart, Drid and so on.

What are the views available in App. Designer project workspace?

Development and Upgrade Views

What are the differences between RowClass and RowSet in PeopleSoft?

Rowclass is a single row of data that consists of 1 to n records of data. Rowset object is a data structure used to describe hierarchal data. It consists of a collection of rows.

What Record Changes does not affect Database?

Derived work record

Dynamic View

Query View

What views available in Application Designer project workspace?

Development View

Upgrade View

What are the main attributes of a Component Interface (CI)?

Keys, Properties & Collections, Methods, and Name

Will Tuxedo continue to be used in a PeopleSoft/WebSphere or PeopleSoft/WebLogic environment?

Yes, WebSphere or WebLogic are used as the HTTP server and servlet engine. They are not used as middleware with the PeopleSoft Application Server. Tuxedo is always used with PIA, regardless of the HTTP server or Java servlet engine.

Can a PeopleTools 8.4 and a PeopleTools 8.1xapplication server run on the same machine?

Yes, both PeopleTools 8.4 and PeopleTools 8.1x application servers can run on a single machine. It is important to ensure that there are no port clashes between the installations.

IBM How Should Web Application Servers be used with PeopleTools 8.1x and PeopleTools 8.4?

The PeopleSoft Internet Architecture uses a web application server and an HTTP server. PeopleTools 8.12 and above include both BEA WebLogic and Apache with Jserv. With PeopleTools 8.4, both BEA WebLogic and IBMWebSphere are bundled. Apache with Jserv is no longer a supported web application server combination. Customers can choose which web application server to run during installation time.

In a mixed PeopleTools 8.1x and 8.4 environments, each PeopleTools installation should have their own chain of web application server and application server, PeopleSoft Proprietary and Confidential Page 5and these can be on the same machine. For example, a PeopleTools 8.1xinstallation using Apache and Jserv could reside on the same machine as a PeopleTools 8.4 installation using IBM WebSphere. Care should be taken to ensure that unique port numbers are assigned to each server chain.

Are disconnected mobile applications supported in PeopleTools 8.1x?

No. The PeopleSoft Mobile Agent architecture, which is used to support disconnected mobile applications, is only available in PeopleTools 8.4. The PeopleSoft Mobile Agent is dependent upon certain core technologies that were specifically developed for PeopleTools 8.4.

Where the WorkItem is available?

WorkList Record

Where is workflow work items found?


What BEA product is used for DB transaction in PS?


What event is fired after DB Update?

Save Post Change

Which process is used for running AE programs, which are to be run at a frequency of less than a day?


Which RDBMS uses Tablespace?

Oracle, DB2, Other Options: SQL Server, Informix, Sybase

How do your login into BS mode?

DB Access Id

What are Menu types available?




What is the output when Query is split?

Component and Query view

What does ER Diagrams represent?

Graphical Representation of Business process and Relations

Flowchart of tables and Fields

On which servers Tuning can be done.

-Database Server

-App Server

-Batch Server

-Web Server

Where is Unicode used?



SQL Server

Which of the above record definitions is NOT stored on the database and therefore not required to build?

Drived Work Record definitions not stored in the database and not require for build. When a business requirement in Fit/Gap Analysis does not meet by PeopleSoft then go for customizations through Consultants

What are the Search Keys you use to find Patches and Fixes?

Report id date release

What are the People Tools available for Integration Broker?

The tools available are Application designer and Integration Broker Setup on the Portal. In peopleSoft, 8.48 messages and Queues can be created from the Setup itself.

Which of the following commands can be run in Bootstrap mode?

Bootstrap mode is logging into the App designer in 3-tier mode i.e. Logon to the App server. Data mover scripts are run on 3-tier mode.

Which of the following fires after the database is updated?


What are the Record field events?
















What Record Changes does not affect Database?

List Box item

How do you set up table sharing in PeopleTools applications?


What is the purpose of State Record?

State Records are used in AE to pass values from action and section to the other. It also allows you to restart the App engine. For this, the State record has to be a SQL table. A state record either can be an SQL table or derived Work record. Process_instance field is mandatory in the State Record.

How do you decide between appeng/Ci and SQR while conversion?

When you want to validate data upfront before loading them into db, better plan to use appeng or ci, when you are thinking of huge data to be loaded SQR would be a better option

What is the performance tuning of SQR?

Use Load-lookup and Arrays

Use SQT files.

Generate multiple reports.

Use correct sql joins.

What is the difference between SaveEdit and FieldEdit?

Field Edit Validate field only, but Save Edit validates all the fields in that component.

What are the differences between AE and SQR?

AE is built on PeopleSoft proprietary language called People Code, whereas SQR is a third-party tool.

What is record, row peoplecode?

Record peoplecode is triggered whenever you deal with the record. EX when u right a piece of code on Record Field change that code is fired whenever the Field is changed in any page. There is nothing called Row PeopleCode.

What is the difference between sql statements and metasql statements?

SQL statements are Database specific whereas meta-SQL statements are Db independent.

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