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26th September, 2020




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Juniper Network Interview Questions And Answers

Q1) What is clustering support and how does it matter?

Ans: Basically, the clustering approach is nothing but the ability of an Operating System to support multiple servers. This is to make sure of networking or the node working during an emergency situation such as the server or the power failure.

Q2) What precisely do you mean by Point to Point connect?

Ans: A point to point connection is only an immediate way for data or information exchange between two characterized hubs in a system. The basic case of point to point connection is only an associating two PCs with each other just by utilizing a link which is embedded in the Network Interface Cards in both the PCs. This sort of connection is made just in a couple of PCs on a system. In spite of the fact that it improves the cost and system cost, it guarantees brilliant information exchange speed and is for the most part free from any type of glitches.

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Q3) What do you comprehend by the term FTP?

Ans: It shortens for File Transfer Protocol and is, for the most part, a technique for enabling authorization to the clients for getting to information. Every one of the clients who are permitted to get to the information needs not to demonstrate their character over and over. They can get to information with the username and passwords allowed to them.

Q4) Why security to a system is imperative? How this should be possible?

Ans: A system clearly contains individual data of the clients or something that is extremely private for the concerned associations. There are numerous unapproved endeavours that can be made by programmers to take such data. For instance, the future arrangement of one organization can be spilt to its rivals who can take the upside of the same ahead of time. Along these lines securing a system is vital. This should be possible by utilizing Network Firewall, Antivirus programming, forcing limits on information and through a few different methodologies.

Q5) What is the cross-talk issue in a system and how it can be dodged?

Ans: Cross talk is only a circumstance when the flag has electromagnetic impedance. It can force a breaking point or can to a great extent influence information amid its transmission. For disposing of this circumstance, the links utilized are protected. The shield is really a cover on the link which doesn't give it a chance to confront this issue. Cross talk issue, for the most part, pronounce its essence amid the voice flag transmission.

Q6) What are the layers which are present in the TCP/IP model?


  • Networking Layer
  • Internet Layer
  • Transport Layer
  • Application Layer

Q7) Name the layer in the OSI model which is responsible for Packet Switching and data routing?

Ans: It is the responsibility of the Network Layer. The Network Layer is the number 3 layer from the bottom in an OSI reference model.

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