Citrix Netscaler Interview Questions

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17th September, 2018




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Netscaler Load Balancing Persistence to specific member?

In the Netscaler load balancing persistence rules it is straightforward to sticky a client IP to the same member each time.

Can you explain what issue does the NetScaler solves?

The Netscaler technology resolves issues of low speed internet and low bandwidth that needs to stream a desktop from a centralized server. This provides slow streaming compliance on the virtualization solution to provide optimum support and feature on the client machine.

What is Citrix?

Citrix is an application arrangement framework. With Citrix, one can get to the tweaked application and can likewise conveyed to remote frameworks. It additionally permits record exchange from home PC to office PC and email getting to.

How does Citrix Netscaler licensing differ from the other Citrix product licensing?

As an appliance or hardware, Netscaler is separate from most other Citrix products that use a license server. It is licensed independently.

What are the two most common ports used on XenApp ICA sessions? What are each used for?

Ports 1494 (ICA/HDX) and 2598(Session Reliability)

What is the Role of the XenDesktop Controller?

A controller is the server-side architectural component of XenDesktop that is responsible for distributing desktops, managing user access, and optimizing connections.

Get through the interview bar with our selected interview questions for Citrix Netscaler enthusiasts

What free tool from Citrix will allow you to analyze your log files, profile your Citrix environment, scan for known issues and attach a log file to a Citrix support ticket?

Citrix Insight Services or TaaS

How You Can Remove Dead Server From The Citrix Management Console?

To expel dead server from the Citrix Management Console you need to run:

DSVERIFY SERVERS/CLEAN/FORCE for advancing the Data Store

DSVerify can be executed on any of the servers in the farm

List out the services provided by Citrix?

Service provided by Citrix includes:

- Citrix virtual memory optimization service - Encryption service - Citrix XTE service - Independent Management architecture - Citrix SMA service - COM (Common Object Model) services

How to implement Policies in Citrix?

The Citrix policy can be applied through Console Managment in 3 levels

- Farm Level - Citrix Server Level - Policy

How does Citrix Netscaler permitting vary from the other Citrix item authorizing?

As a machine or equipment, Netscaler is separate from most other Citrix items that utilization a permit server. It is authorized autonomously.

What is Citrix Reciever?

Citrix recipient is an accumulation of suite of items that empowers customer gadgets to interface with different work area virtualization administrations offered by Citrix. Citrix recipient can interface with customer gadgets to XenDesktop applications, XenDesktop and work areas by means of the HDX protocol.

What Is Lhc In Citrix?

The IMA benefit executing on every Presentation Server downloads the data it requires from the focal information store into a neighborhood MDB database known as the Local Host Cache or LHC.

What Is Citrix Xml Broker?

Citrix XML dealer acts as a go between the web interface and homestead. It gets the qualifications of the client from the web interface. It recovers the applications that have client consent to get to. It is finished by autonomous administration design and comes back to the web interface. XML merchant identifies the server in the ranch, once the client is confirmed. It restores the address of the administration rendering server to the web interface. It works between IMA administration and web interface.

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