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24th October, 2018




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Let us see the installation process of JDeveloper, after opening the un zipped file you will find three folder called  jdevbin, jdevhome, jdevdoc, the below figure shows the same scenario: 11 In the next step open jdevbin folder in that you will find a jdev folder again open jdev folder the you can see bin folder, after that if you observe we can find jdev and jdevW icons. The jdev is for UNIX environment and jdevW is for Windows environment. The same scenario is shown in the below figure stepwise: 12 Now send a shortcut of jdevW to desktop . The below figure shows the same scenario, have a look into it: 13   Now you can see the shortcut of JDeveloper directly on Desktop. 14   Check out our Popular Trainings Oracle Performance Tuning Training in Chicago Structure of OAF Advantages and Dis-Advantages of OAF Creating First OAF Page in Project

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