.Run file c:\BTEQ\Conn.txt;



.ROUTE MESSAGES WITH ECHO TO FILE C:\Data-log\M Load- fixid.xlog;



.FIELD I-pid 1 char(3);

.FIELD I-PNM   4 char(4);


INSERT INTO PARTY111(Partyid, party name)values(:I-pid,:I-PNM);

.IMPORT INFILE C:\Mload\MTEST1.TXT  LAYOUT LAYOUT1 Formal Text Apply Tagdml;





Importing data into multiple tables[Vartext format]

.Run file c:\BTEQ\Conn.txt;

.Log Table vinayaka.mno;

Data base vinayaka;

.Begin Import mload tables emp10,Dept10;

.Layout vinay Layout;

.Filler I- Fill CH*Varcher(30);

.Filler I- ID*Varcher(30);

.Filler I- NM*Varcher(30);

.DML Label emp- insert1;

Insert into emp10(eid, ename)values(:I-ID,:IANM);

.DML Label dept- insert

Insert into dept 10(dept id, dept name)values(:I-ID,:I-NM);

.Import IN File c:\mload\vinay-vor text. Txt formal vartext ‘,’ Layout vinay layout

Apply emp- insert1 where I –fill<h-‘E’ Apply Dept Insert1 where i- filkh=’D’;

.ebd mload;

.Log OFF;


MLOAD-SCD1.Note Pad(7th Script in the project)

.RUN FILE C:\BTEQ\conn.Txt;

.Log table vinayaka. pLog;

.Set DBS To’vinayaka’;/*Declare variable = name*/programming int :=10,che

.Begin Import mload

Tables &DBS..Party5

Work table &DBS.. W-Party5

Error tables &DBS..E-Party5

&DBS.. U- Party5;

.Layout layout1;

.Field I-Pid 1 char(1);

.Field i-pnm 2 char(5);

.Field I-PLOC 7 CHAR(3);

.dml label party5 upsert

Do INSERT FOR Missing update Rows;

Updata&DBS.. PARTY5 Set party loc=:I-PLOC Where party id -:I-PID;

Insert into &DBS..Party5(:I-PID,:I-PNM,:I-PLOC,);

.Import infile c:\mload\data-Fixed. Txt layout layout1 format text apply party5 – UPSERT;

.End mload;



IMPLEMENTING SCO TYPE2 Date mechanism 8th script in the project

.Run File c:\BTEQ\Conn.txt;

.Log Table vinayaka.mno;

Database vinayaka1

.Begin Import mload tables party6’

.Layout vinaya layout;

.Field I-ID*Varchar(30);

.Field I-NM* Varchar(30);

.Field I-LCC* Varchar(30);

.Field I-SDT* Varchar(30);

.DML Label party6-INSERT;

Insert into party6(:I-ID,:I-NM,:I-LOC,:I-SDT,’0001-01-01’);

.DML Label party6-UPD;

Update party6 set end-DT=:I-SDT Where

Party=:I-ID And end=DT=’0001-01-01’;

.Import Infile c:\MLoad\Data-Vartext.txt Format vartext’,’

Layout vinay Layout Apply party5-=UPD Apply party6-Insert;

.End mload;

.Log off;



Multi load Error Handling:

1.While execute multi load script Tera data server is  Re started?

Ans: Along with Tera data Server Multi load script will also be started and it starts from last check point.

While execute multiple script client system Restarted we need manually sub script so the transform last check point


2)Why multi load does not support USI, RI, JI Trigger and HI?

Ans: Because multi load cannot provide communication between Amps and it’s Runs Amp Independently


3)Why multi load does not support USI And support NUSI?

Ans: In NUSI Sub Table store In the same Amp And operation of  the AMPS Are Independent, so it supports NUSI


4)How Do you load Multiple File Data into multiple Table using single script?

.Run File c:\BTEQ\conn. TXT;

.Log Table Vinayak. MNO;

Data base vinayaka;

.Begin IMPML Mload Tables emp, Depl;

.Layout L1;

.Field I-ID* Varchar(30);

.Field I-NM* Varchar(30);

.Lay out L2;

.Field I-ID1* Varchar(30);

.Field I-NM 1* Varchar(30);

.Field I-INC* Varchar(30);

.DML Label INS1;

Insert INTO emp(eid, ename) Values (:I-ID),:I-NM);

.Dml Label INS2:

Insert into dept(dept id, deptname)values(:I-ID1,:I-NM1);

.Import INFILE C:\MLoad\File1. Txt Formal VartexL ‘,’ Layout

L1 Apply INS1;

.Impart INFile c:\Mload\File2.txL Formal vartext ‘,’ Lay out

L2 Apply INS2;

.End Mload;

.Log Off;


5)Can we concatenate  multiple and load the data’,

Ans: No


*Multi load script fail error Table existed then how do you restart?


In case of old file to RESTART

1) Do not Drop Error in work table and do not release lock and target tables

2) Simple rectifies the error on the script Run again so that Runs last check point.


In case of New file to restart

  1. Drop error table and work log table
  2. Release the log and target table and below syntax


AQuision those

Release m load<Table1>,<Table2>…< Table5>



Release m load<Table1>,<Table2>…< Table5> in apply


Note 2This command executable only in BTEP Specified new file in the script Run Freshly


TPUMP[TRICIL PUMP(OR) Tera data parallel data PUMP]


  • It loads 60 or more table[max64table]
  • It loads error Records into error tables
  • It fully Automatic Restart able
  • It design for near real time data loading
  • It loads the data into


  1. Empty or populated table
  2. Set or multi set\
  3. Duplicate
  4. SI RIR, TRIGGERS, EVEN The Table is Having
  5. It applies locks at row level
  6. It is designed for less volume of data
  7. Any number of scripts we can execute at a time parallity


Real time usage

  1. For loading the data into multiple table with less volume, which is of near real time this is recommended
  2. To load the data in to table according to the traffic also Recommendable



  1. Start 2 Run  2 Tpump
  2. Start  2Program  2 Tera data client 2 Tera data TPUMP



  1. It can not perform arithmetic expansion and aggregate operations on the data
  2. No conciliation of input files allowed
  3. The usage of select statement is not allowed
  4. Not more than for import task may be we in a single load task
  5. Data before 1900 or after 1999 should be represent with ‘yyyy’ Because yy ta takes 20th century dates