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  1. Select statement to retrieve the data
  2. File format, mode, path etc.

  Step1 - Remember while importing the data

  1. Insert OR update or up sert statement
  2. File path, mode, structure and format

  Step2 -  Remember while importing the data

  1. Insert OR update or up sert statement
  2. File path, mode, structure and format

  Modes 1.Data mode 2This mode also be called as Record mode Here one by one Record will be process 2Here Null Represent with ‘zero’[Integer], or spaces[STRINGS]

date date
date date

  2.INDICATOR MODE It is just like data mode, null are represented with Indicate bytes[“Nulls are treated as nulls only”]

Indicator bytes date date
Indicator bytes date date

  3.Report mode It is fields by field format mode   4.DIFF[Date Interchange file Format mode] It is used across various pc ways plot form such as excel, Fox pro,[Loater under Lotus – 1,2,-3 etc]  

Format option

1.Format option A Two-byte integer n followed by n bytes of data. Followed by An End – of- Record market, either X ‘OA’ OR X’OD’   2.Binary A Two-byte integer, n followed by n bytes of data.   3.TEXT An Arbitrary number of bytes followed by an end- of- Record market, either X’OA’ OR X’OD’   4.UNFORMAT Exported as it is Received from CLIV2 with out any client modifications Note In text format end of the mandatory   Screenshot_85     FREQUENTILY USE FILE MODES IN REAL TIME Un format  [FJXED TEXT] Screenshot_86     2.VARTEXT[Delimiter]

123 Vinay KKK
8345 Modhu  
58 Krish Kumar

ID 2  Max 10 character Name 2  Max 30 character Column Delimiter:? Row Delimiter: CRLF[Enter key character]   Note Othe Delimiters Space, Tab,;  ;,  etc   LOGON COMMAND This  command is used to log in to the system, After Logon it create as session, during session only the user can operate this queries   INTERACTIVE Syntax  - LOGON Tdpid OR IP ADDRESS OR SERVER NAME/<user name><Enter key> password=<pass word> Ex: TD12:2.LOGON<Enter key> Pass word=DBC Batch mode Syntax  - Logon tdpid or IP Address or server name/<USER NAME>,<Password>[‘Acctid’] Ex: TD12 2 .Logon,DBC BTEQ[Basic Tera data Query] Run is Two Modes

  1. Interactive
  2. Batch mode

  Navigation 1st way: Start 2 Run  2 BTEQ 2ND way: Start  2 Programs  2 Tera data client  2 Tera data BTEQ[Win BTEQ]    Real Time usages:

  1. The Unix Environment we use BTEQ by Firing day to day Query[Like Query man, SQL Assissent in window]
  2. For Testing perspective for tester use
  3. For out day to day operations[Importing And exporting etc] we use it


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